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This page is meant to be a basic information source about major religions. 

Multifaith booklet

Download the Multifaith Week booklet (produced during the Multifaith Week organised by the Student Union, University of Manchester, from 6-10 December 2004) here . The booklet for multifaith week 2005 can be downloaded here. These booklets are produced by students for students.

BBC information

You can also see the BBC religion pages at for some information about various religions.

Basic facts about world religions

The major religions of the world are: (this is very basic information, some errors might have crept in, please inform us if you see any major errors in the information presented. Also please note that we are still in process of compiling this information, so it may be incomplete)

1. Christianity

2. Islam

3. Hinduism

4. Buddhism

5. Judaism

6. Sikhism

7. Jainism

8. Bahai