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This page is about  multifaith initiatives and events taking place in Manchester.

Multifaith conference 

A multifaith conference titled "The Importance of Multi-faith Understanding in Higher Education" took place in St Peter's House on 10th March 2004. You can read some of the talks from the St Peters website:

Abraham's table

Abraham's table is a friendly gathering of people from Abrahamic religions and others. We meet together over some delicious food, accompanied by presentations on a given topic by members of various religions, usually along with lovely music and dancing. The aim is to foster understanding between different faiths by getting them talking to each other, in order to appreciate each other's viewpoints. It is organised by St Peters chaplaincy, and held once every 3 months in term time. 

Each abraham's table usually has a theme, the last meeting was held just after the Manchester Peace Week (19-26 March 06) and likewise the theme was also Peace : to show how scriptures of different religions support peace. There were presentations and talks by representatives Carisma, organisers of Peace week and also by followers of different religions, and discussions over delicious food. A number of students, academics and community members attended.

Multifaith reference group (MFRG)

MFRG is a committee of Manchester academics, students (including student representatives from each religion) and chaplains, which meets periodically to discuss multifaith issues at st Peters House. You can read their mission statement here.

Multifaith week

The student union at Manchester University celebrates multifaith week along with the faith societies, usually around December. It is marked by a number of activities such as interfaith discussions on various current topics, multifaith exhibition, cultural programme, etc.  Here is the website of the 2005 Multifaith week. You can download the booklet for 2004 Multifaith week here and for the 2005 Multifaith week here.

Manchester interfaith forum

There is an interfaith forum which meets periodically in Manchester. Their mission statement is "We seek to encourage understanding and co-operation both within and between Faith Communities in Manchester. Members include individuals (of any faith or none) and chosen representatives of Faith Communities." Their website is

Multifaith spaces

The Renshaw House, Hyde Grove, Manchester, M13 9LQ (5 mins walk from university)  is being developed as "The Manchester Centre for Urban Spirituality". Read more about it here

Also, the walkway chapel in St Peters chaplaincy is being developed into a multifaith worship space, to enable people from all faiths to go and worship or pray there. Here is a photo.

The Sangam room in St Peters is another multifaith resource, suitable for use by individuals or groups of people for quiet meditation and prayer. 

Proposed multifaith initiatives

1. Appointment of a multifaith development worker

2. A multifaith survey of students/ academics

3. Preparation of a booklet about different faiths 

4. Visits to places of worship in Manchester

5. Holding of a multifaith national conference in 2007

6. Hosting Abraham's table in different places of worship 

7. Formation of a multifaith student society in Manchester University

8. Formation of multifaith friendship circles in different places (for like minded people to meet and talk and do different activities together) such as halls of residence