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Welcome to the Manchester Student Interfaith Society (formerly called multifaith society).

We are a group of people with different faiths and none who come together to learn about each other and find friendship.


All are welcome, whatever faith, to come and respectfully learn more about each others believes and customs, form lasting friendship and break down barriers.

This site is intended to be a source of information about different world faiths, and interfaith and multifaith issues. Please feel free to browse the links on your left.  


Latest news: Feedback of participants from the multifaith dinner at Sanam restaurant in Rusholme on 1 November 2006 (Wednesday)

The first meeting after Freshers week 2007 will be held in St Peters Chaplaincy at 5:30 pm on September 25.

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Note: We have changed the meeting time on Tuesdays from 5 till 6 pm. Venue is the St Peters chaplaincy as usual. Please ask at the chaplaincy reception where is the interfaith society meeting, if you cannot find us.

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