About Us

Our Purpose
The Center for Multicultural Mediation and Restorative Justice (CMMRJ) aims to strengthen family and social structures necessary for the success of community, families and individuals by providing culturally competent and linguistically appropriate mediation and restorative justice services to East African immigrants, refugee populations, and the mainstream service providers that serve them. CMMRJ's vision is that of a strong multicultural community that welcomes and embraces all people and promotes full citizenship with an inclusive, participatory and effective justice system.

What We Do
CMMRJ provides mediation and restorative justice programs for Minnesota residence with family or cultural roots in East Africa and those who work with them as neighbors, teachers, employers, landlords, and other service providers.  CMMRJ is a program of the Center for Policy, Planning, and Performance, a tax-exempt, non-profit with offices in Minnesota and Kenya.

Our Core Values

  • A vision of a strong multi-cultural community that embraces and welcomes everyone as a full participant.
  • Support for an inclusive, participatory, and effective judicial system.
  • Insistence that cultural competence is an essential quality of all service providers and programs.
  • An assertion that family and social structures are the foundation of our society and deserve support.