Multi-Calc is a calculator with multiple uses and purposes, and is perfect for math class, homework, or home use. It can help you do many difficult and lengthy problems, especially in high-school math classes. It features an easy-to-use interface and interesting life-game menu background.

From the menu, you can choose any of the following:

• 4-Function Calculator – Basic, everyday calculator with huge buttons

• Scientific Calculator – Large buttons and more functions, including order of operations
    Also, access to variables and constants

• Graphing Calculator – Scrolling keyboard, which can access all common functions
    Evaluate an expression of any length containing alphanumeric characters, functions, and operations

Also, use the Graphing Calculator to graph functions, polar equations, implicit equations, implicit inequalities, and parametric equations. 

Triangle Solve Screenshot
• Programs – speed up common computations

Program example follow:
a. Solve Triangle program will solve any triangle for sides, angles, and area given the minimum necessary inputs
b. Solve systems of 2 or 3 equations
c. Find the roots of a polynomial up to the 10th degree

Programs involving graphing and geometry (including triangle solver, system of 2 equations, and function roots) can be graphed.

Convert Speed Screenshot
• Conversions let you convert between units of temperature, weight, volume length, speed, pressure, and duration. They are fast to use and easy to understand. Most common units are supported and additional units will be added upon request.

• Variables are great ways to store permanent or temporary data in an easy-to-access format. They can be stored in the Scientific and Graphing Calculators and all Programs. Constants with useful mathematical and scientific values come with the app and are easy to access from the Scientific Calculator, Graphing Calculator, and Programs, so you don't have to memorize many important values.

• Settings make Multi-Calc highly customizable and there is a Math Reference page to aid with understanding and remembering important concepts and formulae in algebra, geometry, and trigonometry. There is also App help in Settings which explains all features in detail. On the last page the extraneous additional features of Multi-Calc are explained.