What is a BikeBus?
A BikeBus is a group of people who cycle to school and work in a group. It’s called a “bus” because there is a set route and timetable so it can pick up more “passengers” along the way.

Why a BikeBus?
The main aim of the Mullum BikeBus is to get to school on time safely using a bicycle.

Other objectives include: 
  • improving the health and wellbeing of group members through regular exercise
  • the development of cycling skills
  • the building of confidence
  • strengthening of community through increased social interaction
  • and an additional alternative mode of transport that has minimal environmental impact.
To get to school on time safely, the BikeBus operates at times selected to avoid sharing the road with school buses and the majority of school vehicle traffic. The selected route uses a combination of existing bike paths and public roads, for the safest possible route while passing common destinations, such as Mullum Primary School, The Swimming Pool, Mullum High School and Shearwater. Safe access to school is a key priority.

It is hoped that by forming one group, other groups will also form to cover a wider range of BikeBus routes and group members.

What is a Park & Ride?
You don't have to cycle the whole journey to enjoy the ride!
Park & Ride is driving your car part of the journey, Parking, and then Riding the rest of the way. 

You can Park your car at Byron Council Chambers, and Ride with the BikeBus to School. When the BikeBus passes the carpark at 8am there are always plenty of car spaces!

For more information, email: BikeBus@gmail.com 

Thanks to the following organisations for their support



Join the BikeBus on Wednesday, 
September 30th for Earth Ride