Mulls Engineering Home

This is my Engineering/Project Management Site.  It is specific to the embedded electronics design, although I believe it is applicable to other specialties.  

I have written a few articles over my career, and have begun updating and posting them here, along with some examples.  I hope you find them useful.  I also designed projects and departments, and I have included a lot of that material here too.  

The purpose of this site is as a reference.  Rather than reading it for interest, or in its entirety, instead I recommend using it when you are faced with an unusual, difficult, different or new situation, to give you some advice from someone who has been through it a few times.

Starting a Program?  Here is an index into this site to help you find the methods you need: Starting a Program  

You can find some useful Project Management Links here.

For some twisted engineering humor, check my Ho-Ho file.  

Who am I?  Look here: About Me

Being a designer, of anything, is tough.   A good design, or a successful product, appears obvious when complete, but is anything but during the development process.  I hope there is some stuff here that can help you get there.