Why Mullis Orchards?

1) We're Locally Owned and Operated
Buying locally means you're supporting local businesses and the regional Maine economy, instead of huge corporate farms in Washington state, New Zealand, or even China. Also, by keeping the orchards close to the consumer, you're doing a huge part to prevent the unnecessary use of energy to transport apples from orchards thousands of miles away to regional distributors, then to large stores.

2) Prices
Simply put, the prices at Mullis Orchards are substantially lower than even large supermarkets. By buying directly from the growers, you're able to benefit by eliminating the costly middle man and cut costs immensely. You also have the opportunity to buy in larger quantities, which allows for even greater savings. For example, a bushel of apples weighing over 40 lbs. is still only $25, less thanĀ 65 cents per pound. In contrast, it's hard to find apples at the grocery stores for even $1.00 per pound, and we all know what happens to the quality at that price...

3) Quality
The quality of the apples at Mullis Orchards is unmatched, whether by larger stores or even other regional orchards. Each apple is hand selected for size and quality so as to ensure that every customer is satisfied. Moreover, we're picking the apples just before you get them, so they don't sit for weeks in a storage room waiting to be repackaged and sold. No matter where else you look, you're never going to have a better apple.