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Your Task:
  1. From the list below, choose one location for you and your family of 4. You have a maximum of 7 days for the trip. Your family has a budget of $6,000. Find how far it is from your house and calculate the cost it is to drive and/or fly. Find a hotel and tourist attractions and--while keeping your family budget!--plan a 3-day itinerary of activities.
  2. Create a presentation that will include the different components of your family's vacation.
  1. Begin by choosing from one of the destinations below:
    • Orlando, FL
    • Williamsburg, VA
    • Oahu, HI
    • Myrtle Beach, SC
  2. Use your web research skills to find information about:
    • Transportation Costs - Find information about airfare/gas costs that will match up with your family's vacation destination.  Pay close attention to how many days your vacation will be.
    • Activities - Find information about activities at your family's destination, and create an itinerary for your family.  (An itinerary is a written document that explains exactly what your family will be doing at different times during their trip.)
    • Keep track of what you find out in a GoogleDocs document!

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