PhD and MS Electrical Engineering, 2001-2008         
Stanford University, Stanford, USA

B Tech Electronics Engineering, 1996-2000 
Indian Institute of Technology (BHU),                                         
Varanasi, India

Industrial Experience

Scientific Consultant/Advisor 2005-Present
Provided scientific consulting services to several well known large Silicon Valley firms, venture capital firms, patent firms, technology startups, and research institutions.
As part of one of the assignments, I developed a comprehensive physics-of-failure based reliability assesment/prediction program that enabled highly appreciated business process of closed-loop-learning in managing and improving product reliability. Received a corporate Bright Spot Award for making distinguished impact on business.
For another assignment, I developed a optical simulation platform prototype to optimize the chemical-mechanical planarization (CMP) process through deciphering what optical scattering from device structures really mean. With the proof-of-principle demonstration, a large CAE developer was hired to develop a product incorporating such a simulation-powered metrology component.  

Applied Materials 2009-2012
Solar Business Group, Energy Environment Solutions
Responsible for cell analysis and characterization, process line data integration and statistical process control, road map design and next generation cell engineering for both wafer based c-Si as well as thin-film a-Si technologies.
Development of a 10% efficient thin-film tandem PV was a key corporate milestone for AMAT. I developed a comprehensive CAE methodology for custom texturization of transparent conductive oxides to enhance light harvesting. I received a Certificate of Excellence for making a significant impact towards key corporate milestone. 

Texas Instruments 2000-2001
Physical Design and Electrical Analysis Team, DSP Design Group
Responsible for electrical and reliability analysis such as electromigration, signal integrity, cross talk, timing and critical path analysis, std cell library characterization etc.


Current Research Interests

Physics of Nano-Scale Materials and Devices
Interested in understanding and modeling variety of physical processes in electrically useful material systems and ways of exploiting them for useful applications.

Solid State Energy Conversion Devices
Interested in developing new/economical processes for fabrication of solid state devices that can provide environmental as well as cost improvements on both sides of energy life cycle – generation and consumption. Technologies such as photovoltaics, thermo-photovoltaics, thermoelectrics and LEDs are of primary interest.

Computational Science on Heterogeneous Computing Clouds
With compute clouds becoming ubiquitous, can we develop less expensive and more openly available and scalable scientific simulation platforms?

Other Positions

Visiting Lecturer, Electrical Engg., Stanford University 2010 and 2011
Developed and taught a new graduate level course EE237 - Solar Energy Conversion: Principles and Practice

Community Associate, Escondido Village, Stanford University 2006-2007
Served as a community volunteer in Stanford University’s largest graduate residential village.

Founder and General Secretary, Indo-US Research Institute for Sustainable Development,
Mission of this non-profit organization is to accelerate interaction between research and entrepreneurial communities in the area of sustainable development.