Welcome to the Mukherjee Group at CSIR-IICB (Kolkata)

Research in our group is focused on understanding the structure and dynamics of biological systems at atomic resolution using, primarily, a combination of solution and solid state Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Spectroscopy as well as other standard biophysical and computational techniques. For more information about our research, please visit Research Overview.

Positions Open !!
All applicants are requested to carefully visit the website, including Research overview and Publications pages in order to familiarize themselves with the line of research.

Postdoctoral research. Vacancy to perform postdoctoral research in our group in broad areas of NMR spectroscopy and molecular biology (including cloning, expression, purification of proteins in bacterial and baculovirus-based insect cell cultures). Candidates with experience in either fields are encouraged to apply. Applicants successful in procuring postdoctoral fellowships will have a clear advantage and interested candidates are encouraged to contact us by

Doctoral research. Research positions for PhD programme are also available. Fellows (NET-CSIR/UGC/ICMR, etc) with background and interest in Physical Chemistry / Chemical Physics / Biophysics / Structural Biology or other quantitative areas of research, including the use of computational tools, are welcome to apply by sending an email along with their CV. It is strongly desired that prospective applicants have a well thought out research plan and area of interest, which need not necessarily overlap with our ongoing work.

Training (Project/Research assistant or equivalent positions).
Students (with graduate or post-graduate degrees) who are very highly motivated for research can apply for training for a period of 6 months or more. In most cases, applicants will have to apply through the HRG section in IICB and follow procedures therein. All applications/email to the PI must clearly mention the (approx.) start and end dates for any training position. In rare cases, funding is available for these positions, in which case this will be advertised on IICB's website. There is limited scope for short-time, training programmes during summer or other times; however, candidates may apply to WB govt's Biotech-RISE programme or national training fellowships and such successful candidates will be accommodated for short-term summer training.