Labelled Image Editor

Author: User:Zondor

License: Freeware

Labelled Image Editor is a Java editor to manage labels for an image. It can add, edit, delete, import, and export labels. It requires the Java Standard Edition Runtime Environment to be installed and and has been tested with version 1.5 update 6.

Currently, it is primarily supported for Wikipedia images using {{Image label}} template to overlay wiki links at any position over an image. For example, a wiki link for Los Angeles can be placed over a map of the USA. See the example here.


LabelledImageEditor-1.0-Alpha-4.jar - Thursday 2 November 2006

LabelledImageEditor-1.0-Alpha-3.jar - Wednesday 1 November 2006

LabelledImageEditor-1.0-Alpha-2.jar - Wednesday 1 November 2006

LabelledImageEditor-1.0-Alpha.jar - Monday 30 October 2006


Version 1.0 Alpha 4, Thursday 2 November 2006

    Handles both {{Image label}} and {{Image label small}}. Either can be created. Each type is kept from import to export.

Version 1.0 Alpha 3, Wednesday 1 November 2006

    Recognises {{Image label small}} template.

 Version 1.0 Alpha 2, Wednesday 1 November 2006

    New feature: Scale labels - which scale label positions only (not image) by given X and/or Y factors. 

Version 1.0 Alpha, Monday 30 October 2006

    First version.
        - Load/change image.
        - Create new label.
        - Edit label text.
        - Delete label.
        - Resize image with and scale the label positions automatically.
        - Clear labels.
        - Import labels from wiki text.
        - Export labels as wiki text.
        - Image and individual label information including positions.


1. Start

2. Loaded image

3. Import

4. Drag label to move it

5. Right click on label to edit or delete

6. Edit dialog box

7. Export