Studio Productions
Studio Productions (aka Blackboxes) are produced, directed, designed, and run by the students.  These shows are under an hour in length and are staged in the Studio Theatre.  The productions are funded through Student Government.  The number of Studio Productions varies with each semester.

Production info - Production information will be given at MTA meetings and via email during the fall and spring semesters.

Auditions - Sign up sheets for audition time slots will be in the Lavender Lounge.  At the time of auditions each student MUST fill out a preference sheet no matter how many productions he or she is auditioning for.

Casting - Directors of Studio Productions will choose their casts after auditions. Generally, no individual will be cast in more than one Studio Production per semester. If an actor is desired by two directors, the individual's preference sheet will be used as the deciding factor.

Cast Lists - Cast lists will be sent out via email and posted on the MTA bulletin boards in Seegers and the Lavender Lounge.

Director Eligibility -
In order to be eligible for a directing spot must complete an acting course AND one of the following:

1) stage manage or assistant stage manage one Mainstage production

2) stage manage or assistant stage manage two Studio productions

3) direct one red door play and assistant stage manage or stage manage one studio production

4) complete a directing course.

Designers and Design Eligibility - Designers are responsible for the implementation of their design. Designers must complete an application process with the Student Technical Directors and the Studio Production Coordinator. In order to design for a Studio Production one must complete the stagecraft requirement AND one of the following:  

a level one course in the appropriate design area OR
assistant design a Mainstage Production OR
assistant design two Studio productions

(In the case that there are fewer qualified and willing designers than productions, students who are not yet qualified may apply to design a production by demonstrating their qualifications to the Student Master Carpenter and Electrician, Studio Productions Coordinator, and Director of Design and Technical Theatre.) 

Stage Manager Eligibility - In order to stage manage a Studio Production, one must go through an application process with the Studio Productions Coordinator and the Student Master Carpenter and Electrician.  A mentor may be assigned at the discretion of the Stage Manager Mentorship Program.  The stage manager is responsible for finding crew members for the production.

Reserving a Space - The Stage Manager of the Studio Production is responsible for contacting the Studio Productions Coordinator in order to sign out rehearsal space.  The First Floor Rehearsal Hall as well as the Upper and Lower Dance Studios are NOT available for Studio Production rehearsals.

Tech Week -  Studio Productions are only allowed into the space ONE WEEK prior to the show’s opening.  Time is divided equally in the space among the various productions.  Exact time of technical rehearsals are decided by the Studio Productions Coordinator.  Every person (including actors, directors, designers, stage managers) working on the studio production must put in production hours at the discretion if the Studio Production Team.   

"Variations on the Death of Trotsky"
Photo by Emily Baldasarra '14

"Indian Wants the Bronx"
Photo by Emily Baldasarra '14

"As Thousands Cheer"
Photo by Emily Baldasarra '14