Production Information


Mainstage Productions are produced in conjunction with the Department of Theatre and Dance. These full-scale productions are staged in the Baker, Empie, or Studio Theatres. There are three Mainstage Productions per semester. Mainstage Producti
ons are usually directed and designed by the faculty and guest artists, but sometimes Theatre Majors approved by the faculty are also eligible to direct or design a Mainstage.

Studio Productions
Studio Productions (aka Blackboxes) are one act plays produced, directed, designed, and run by the students.  These shows are under an hour in length and are staged in the Studio Theatre. The productions are funded through Student Government Association. The number of Studio Productions varies with each semester.

Red Door Play Festival
Plays that are part of the Red Door Play Festival are theatre opportunities that are also fully student run.  These one act plays also run no more than an hour in length, and have minimal physical-production.  While these plays are traditionally staged in the Red Door (Seegers Union), work may be staged in other locations such as the ML Underground or Miller Forum. 

Performance ensembles must be approved by the MTA Board as well as the MTA Faculty advisor.  Performance Ensembles consist of any work rehearsed in performed in an improvisational, cabaret, or workshop-type format. Performance ensembles may rehearse no more than 3 hours per week (except for on weeks of performances) and may not be fully scripted plays or musicals. Therefore, participation in a Performance Ensemble does not fall under the “2 rule.”