Contribution Requirement

The Muhlenberg Theatre Association offers a lot of opportunities for its members, however the MTA is an organization run on member participation, and there are a limited number of opportunities the association can provide. In order to guarantee that the members who contribute to the general success of the production season are also the individuals who are getting the opportunities, the association asks members to by complete (and document) the "Contribution Requirement."

IMPORTANT: You must fill out and turn in a Contribution Requirement form to receive credit for the work you've done. You can get a copy of the form at the bottom of this page. Your sheet must be signed by a supervisor at the time of the work. Turn in your form to the MTA box. If you want credit in both the MTA and the MDA, you should submit two forms.


Members who complete the Contribution Requirement are known as active members, and members who do not are known as inactive members. When an individual first joins the association, he or she is automatically active. He or she must then complete the contribution requirement in order to remain active for the following academic year. 


  1. can assistant design, assistant direct, or assistant stage manage
  2. can run crew for a production
  3. can work in any department office or shop
  4. can attend social events
  5. can attend meetings
An ACTIVE Member:
  • has all the priveleges of an inactive member
  • can vote
  • can audition for and perform in MTA Productions
  • can design, direct, or stage manage MTA Productions
  • can hold an MTA Executive or Advisory Board position
Should an inactive member be selected by the faculty to fulfill a position reserved for active members, the member may be permitted to do so pending Executive Board approval and that member’s agreement to make-up the requirements in a timely manner. 

In order to fulfill the contribution requirement, a member can fulfill this requirement with one large job (known as a "specialty contribution job") OR with 10 hours of smaller service jobs.
Specialty Contribution Jobs (a.k.a. Novelty Credits)
one of these jobs complete your contribution requirement for the year
  • Stage Managing or Designing any MTA production**
  • Assistant stage managing, directing, or designing any MTA/MDA production**
  • Crew work for any MTA/MDA production**
**this does not include Special Productions of any classification
Hourly Contribution Oppurtunities
  • Serving as an MDA/MTA Board Member or Liaison
  • Stagecraft Hours
  • Ushering
  • Light hang and focus
  • Publicity Hang
  • Social Event Set Up
  • Strike
  • Sitting at a MTA Seegers Table
  • Selling Concessions
  • Floor Lay
  • Kiss the Cast
  • Any other task that is announced by the MTA/MDA Executive board
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