The "2 Rule"
The MTA constitution states: "No association member shall be allowed to act in, stage manage, or direct more than two (2) productions of any
classification, on or off campus. If an association member is enrolled in a studio class, he or she may only
participate in one production of any classification, on or off campus."

This clause has been nicknamed the "2 rule." The "2 Rule" is a MTA/Departmental restriction on the number of productions in which an individual can participate each semester. This rule exists both for the benefit of the individual and the productions. This limitation intends to keep individuals from spreading themselves across too many theatrical endeavors and thereby causing conflicts for those productions and classes. Professors of studio classes are responsible for enforcing the rule for their students. While the MTA cannot, and will not, control the casting of non-MTA productions, the MTA does reserve the right to uncast or remove an individual from an MTA production if he or she is found in violation of the two rule.