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I want to tell you all about this great site called Goodsearch! Goodsearch is a search engine that donates money to a non-profit of your choice every time you search the web.

Powered by Yahoo!, Goodsearch operates by bringing up advertisements from sponsors on the side of your results screen just like most other search engines, such as Google. However, while  Google is the far superior search engine, Goodsearch takes a chuck of the money earned from the sponsors, and donates it to a charity of your choosing! Each search generates about $0.01. The more you search, the more money you raise for your organization.

There are more than 60,000 organizations signed up to work with Goodsearch and one of them is the Muhlenberg Theatre Association! There are hundreds of MTA members and if each of them used Goodsearch just twice a day, we could make $730!

So go ahead..."Goodsearch it!"