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Feedback #3 - Spring 2009 Mainstage Auditon Sign-Ups

posted Nov 13, 2009, 9:10 PM by Nathan Renner-Johnson   [ updated Mar 23, 2010, 9:43 AM by Jeff Brancato ]
On Tuesday, November 10th we posted on the facebook page:

"how did audition sign-ups go this time around? comment here or tell us on our feedback form at

we got the following responses:
  • AWESOME!! 10 out of 10.... SO EASY!!!!
  • I thought audition sign-ups were AMAZING!! Especially all of the love between Jeff & Steph it just really made the time go by so much better =) I LOVE AUDITION SIGN-UPS =)
    <3 Julia
  • The audition sign-ups ran very smoothly.  It was super easy and super fast.
So, that sounds great! Thanks! If you have any further comments/suggestions, please let us know!

On another note, we heard some word of mouth response questioning the length of time people had to wait in line. We understand that this is problem and are open to suggestions. In the past we have just left a blank sheet in the lav lounge. However, that system made it difficult to edit, duplicate, and read the sheets. Yet, because the sign-ups were available for much longer, there tended to be less of rush to sign-up. Even with this system, the line was never longer than 20 minutes. In fact, many people were able to simply walk in and sign-up with out any wait at all! Hopefully, as people become more comfortable with this system, they will feel less necessity to rush to be the first to sign up, as we had very few people who had to compromise for a time slot. In the future, we will also try to have more computer people for the first 30 minutes, so that we can move through the line more quickly.