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Feedback #1 - Mainstage Ticket Prices

posted Oct 26, 2009, 10:15 AM by Nathan Renner-Johnson   [ updated Nov 28, 2009, 11:56 AM by Jeff Brancato ]
I think it's very annoying that ticket prices increased to $7. It's harder to convince my non-theater friends to spend the money to come see a play now.

We agree! Unfortunately, this price is determined by the Department of Theatre and Dance - not by the Muhlenberg Theatre Association. However, even though we do not control the ticket prices, we understand why the Department had to raise the prices.

Money is necessary to produce the wonderful array of mainstages we have each year. Building the fantastic sets, dressing our actors in gorgeous costumes, and bringing in professional directors, designers, and choreographers are just some of the expenses we have. As we continue to push our rank (we're now the #4 liberal arts theatre school) we must keep up with inflation and raise the prices for audiences so that we can provide the same quality - and hopefully better - production for the community to enjoy.

It is important to note that while prices have been raised, a $7 ticket to what is often considered a professional quality show is still very inexpensive! Try getting that price for any show of any quality in a major city. Even here in Allentown, our campus ticket price is cheaper than the Civic Theater's student price.

Still can't convince your friends to shell out less than ten dollars to see the show you've been busting your ass on all semester? Well, we always need people to help usher! If you usher, you can see the show for free! Sign-up to usher at the box office. Also, mainstages are the only MTA shows which charge for tickets. We have two more levels of productions that you can see absolutely free! So check out the studio productions and special productions as well!