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Here we will respond to your comments, concerns, questions, etc. Thanks!

Feedback #6 - Water Bottle Praise

posted May 3, 2010, 7:36 PM by Nathan Renner-Johnson   [ updated May 3, 2010, 7:40 PM by Jeff Brancato ]

I LOVE the MTA water bottles. I use it all the time and get compliments on it whenever I use it at rehearsal. Good job MTA board!! :)

Thanks! We're glad you like it. If you have any suggestions about future products we can offer, please fill out another feedback form or let an MTA board member know! 

Oh, and I hope you continue to praise the MTA. Thanks for being our biggest fan, Brooke.

Feedback #5 - Water Bottle Complaint

posted May 3, 2010, 6:51 PM by Nathan Renner-Johnson   [ updated May 3, 2010, 7:34 PM by Jeff Brancato ]

I ordered a water bottle, and for $9 I was expecting something a lot nicer.  This one is really terrible.

We are sorry you feel that way and we apologize for not meeting your standards. Although we wish you felt you had a quality product no matter the price, we did not charge $9.00 for them and are concerned that you paid that much. We were only charging $5.00 which may explain why the quality of the product did not match your expectations. If you indeed did pay $9.00, please contact the Business Manager to get your $4.00 refund.

It is true that the bottles are not the highest quality, however they were the highest we were able to find at that quantity and price.We were trying to provide an inexpensive solution to compensate for the lack of water bottles on campus as we know many performers and technicians like to have water with them while they work. In the future we will consider higher quality products, although they will probably be more expensive.

Feedback #4 - Community Service Opportunities

posted Mar 23, 2010, 9:41 AM by Nathan Renner-Johnson   [ updated Mar 23, 2010, 9:43 AM by Jeff Brancato ]

I would love to have more community service opportunities related to theater.  The ones offered often interfere with rehearsals, performances, and classes.  Is there a way to do a Sunday-afternoon event with local schools?  Or something else?

"First of all, I am so happy to hear you are interested in theater related community service projects. That is wonderful news! i have tried to create programs for students to get involved in, to become teaching artists and to reach out to the community via the arts and arts education. Unfortunately, since many of the programs are often connected with schools, they have to be done at the time of day the school asks for. This is normally around 3 or 3:30, because these programs are usually considered an after school activity. Hopefully we will be able to come up with new programs in the future that will fit into peoples' schedules better than this. There are other ways to get involved with community service on campus, but these are not theater related projects. If you are interested you can visit the community service office in the basement of Seegers and speak to Beth Halpern. Thank you for your interest and I would be more than happy to speak with you about other opportunities and ways to start up programs for the future."

~ Allison Brzezinski, Community Service Chair

Feedback #3 - Spring 2009 Mainstage Auditon Sign-Ups

posted Nov 13, 2009, 9:10 PM by Nathan Renner-Johnson   [ updated Mar 23, 2010, 9:43 AM by Jeff Brancato ]

On Tuesday, November 10th we posted on the facebook page:

"how did audition sign-ups go this time around? comment here or tell us on our feedback form at

we got the following responses:
  • AWESOME!! 10 out of 10.... SO EASY!!!!
  • I thought audition sign-ups were AMAZING!! Especially all of the love between Jeff & Steph it just really made the time go by so much better =) I LOVE AUDITION SIGN-UPS =)
    <3 Julia
  • The audition sign-ups ran very smoothly.  It was super easy and super fast.
So, that sounds great! Thanks! If you have any further comments/suggestions, please let us know!

On another note, we heard some word of mouth response questioning the length of time people had to wait in line. We understand that this is problem and are open to suggestions. In the past we have just left a blank sheet in the lav lounge. However, that system made it difficult to edit, duplicate, and read the sheets. Yet, because the sign-ups were available for much longer, there tended to be less of rush to sign-up. Even with this system, the line was never longer than 20 minutes. In fact, many people were able to simply walk in and sign-up with out any wait at all! Hopefully, as people become more comfortable with this system, they will feel less necessity to rush to be the first to sign up, as we had very few people who had to compromise for a time slot. In the future, we will also try to have more computer people for the first 30 minutes, so that we can move through the line more quickly.

Feedback #2 - New Voices Schedule

posted Oct 26, 2009, 10:37 AM by Nathan Renner-Johnson   [ updated Oct 26, 2009, 10:45 AM by Jeff Brancato ]

Whose idea was it to schedule the staged readings for the same time as New Voices, so anyone who's involved in New Voices can't see them?

You're right! That does stink and we're sorry! When they were scheduled, the recital hall was only available at certain times and we needed to fit all 10 New Voices shows into that one weekend! We tried to arrange the time so that people could go to both the fully staged plays and the staged readings, but you're right - we did not make it possible for individuals in the fully staged plays to see to readings. Unfortunately, that is one of the sacrifices individuals must make when they are in a show. However, we will try to work harder in the future to keep conflicting events to a minimum so that everyone can see as much as possible.

Feedback #1 - Mainstage Ticket Prices

posted Oct 26, 2009, 10:15 AM by Nathan Renner-Johnson   [ updated Nov 28, 2009, 11:56 AM by Jeff Brancato ]

I think it's very annoying that ticket prices increased to $7. It's harder to convince my non-theater friends to spend the money to come see a play now.

We agree! Unfortunately, this price is determined by the Department of Theatre and Dance - not by the Muhlenberg Theatre Association. However, even though we do not control the ticket prices, we understand why the Department had to raise the prices.

Money is necessary to produce the wonderful array of mainstages we have each year. Building the fantastic sets, dressing our actors in gorgeous costumes, and bringing in professional directors, designers, and choreographers are just some of the expenses we have. As we continue to push our rank (we're now the #4 liberal arts theatre school) we must keep up with inflation and raise the prices for audiences so that we can provide the same quality - and hopefully better - production for the community to enjoy.

It is important to note that while prices have been raised, a $7 ticket to what is often considered a professional quality show is still very inexpensive! Try getting that price for any show of any quality in a major city. Even here in Allentown, our campus ticket price is cheaper than the Civic Theater's student price.

Still can't convince your friends to shell out less than ten dollars to see the show you've been busting your ass on all semester? Well, we always need people to help usher! If you usher, you can see the show for free! Sign-up to usher at the box office. Also, mainstages are the only MTA shows which charge for tickets. We have two more levels of productions that you can see absolutely free! So check out the studio productions and special productions as well!

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