The MDA is open to all full and part-time Muhlenberg College Students. It is supported by funds from the Student Council and Department of Theatre and Dance, the MDA is dedicated to fostering the art of dance as an important aspect of life at Muhlenberg College through both faculty and student choreographed performances, trips to see and/or present dance in other communities, and sponsorship of dance activities on campus including special lectures, performance by touring companies, and master classes.

This website was created so that members of the MDA would have a place to look up answers to questions about the MDA or to contact anyone on the E-Board. Please feel free to browse and to email (all at their Muhlenberg e-mail addresses - Firstname.Lastname@muhlenberg.edu) any members of the E-Board with questions, we are glad to answer them!

Mission Statement:
The purpose of this organization shall be to foster the art of dance in the Muhlenberg community through performance, production, and educational experiences.  In general, to elevate, educate, and celebrate the art of dance on the Muhlenberg College campus.  To bring the diverse riches of dance education and performance to the larger Lehigh Valley community.  To positively serve and represent the college in venues ranging from campus performances to events off-campus such as teaching and participation in national dance conferences.

Master Choreographers 2013
Photo by Matthew Wright
Costumes by Constance Case
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