with the belief that even the most complicated problems and conflicts can be resolved through Table Talks [rather than war]

It will mostly be about the following as and when i take a break from coding

  • Henry Kissinger,5 cornered master mind building, NASA and the technology that is never unleashed
  • Control Theory and never ended Cold War
  • Pakistan
  • Armed Forces

in the categories Pakistan, General and Cold War

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Lets start with Vision, Commitment & Patriotism - Pakistan

A man used to host a TV show, very famous for the slogan "Pakistan Zindabad" [long live Pakistan] delivered at the end of every episode, in his emotional and powerful voice, in chorus with viewers. Practicing the same for more then 25 years and assumed to be among the most patriotic ones, the same guy one day joined an unruly mob that put Pakistan into its worst-ever constitutional crisis by crossing the walls of Supreme Court of Pakistan and attacking Judiciary only for the sake of money ....... the beauty is that each and every moment of this ultimate proof of patriotism was recorded and Alas!.... the whole world saw that.

Bravo Tariq Aziz ....

United we stand together - We are all alike

Few months back, Pakistan suffered from its worst ever sugar crisis when the price of sugar got almost doubled in a couple of days. Investigators mainly accused the mill owners for the crisis.....though this is an ugly deed but the beauty in it lies ahead. Among the list of accused mill owners mostly are bureaucrats and ministers in current government and the rest are in opposition. Next time, those currently in opposition will be in government and the current rulers will be in opposition. Such crises have been happening and will keep on occurring time to time, investigating committees have been and will be formed for detailed investigation, reports have been and will be published after investigation but no one will be able to break the equilibrium state. Is there any other example of such brotherhood and stable & consistent policies and justified sharing of opportunities? ...No... it is not easy to compete with us in any domain.

Note: We are an equal opportunity provider and in this land of opportunities.... wait for your turn to create Flour, Cement, Medicine, Stock market and  ..... even the water crisis.

Is it time for the nation to re-unite?

Yes it is. It is time for the whole nation to get indulged in to the Property Mania for the properties with prices artificially raised from 400 to 500 percent. Since long, there has been no committee formed and no report has been published.

It always makes me proud when i see that there is a big number of bungalow`s in Pakistan that worth more than a million $, even more then the David Beckham`s house in Palm Island Project Dubai.

A colleague and very good friend of mine Ahsan perfectly described the condition of nation

"the whole nation is corrupt, every1 is waiting for an opportunity to strike their blow"

Looking forward to the nation for more hard work, we are still not on the top of the corruption list of Transparency International.

A federal secretary is said to have 65 plus bungalows and plots, ....... make a distinction man......drag it to hundred.

Justifications & a Lie

In any game, when one team loses, it justifies by saying that the other team played better and they lacked in some areas. Rather than denying the fact they accept their defeat.

Indian army killing innocent Kashmiris every day says that "We kill the intruders" and the Kashmiris say that "They kill our freedom fighters", both of them try to justify and none denies the act.

But in my beloved country, the ex-Prime Minister Mian Nawaz Sharif says that "I didn`t stop the plane of Chief Of Army Staff General Pervaiz Musharraf from landing" and General Pervaiz Musharraf says that "He tried to kill me and other passengers by stopping the fuel ending plane from landing"....the beauty is that one of them is not trying to justify....he is simply a liar.

Double Bravo Nawaz Sharif.

How easy is it to stop and eliminate corruption from Pakistan?

Find the courage to follow 4 steps below

  • Step 1: Make an Anti Corruption unit comprising of few members only from the TOP BRASS of Current Political Government, Opposition, Armed Forces and Justice Dept. Since anti corruption units already exists in almost all countries  so step 1 is assumed to be already implemented globally.
  • Step 2: Take the Passports of whole Anti Corruption team in custody and include their names in ECL [Exit Control List] .... FOR EVER. [With the assumption that every loyal political party must atleast be having a few members among their Top Brass who want to get old and die on the beloved soil of their mother land, we may be able to find the 10% politicians of Henry Kissinger`s quotes, even in Pakistan.]
  • Step 3: Give all members full authority to investigate any issue, from anyone, from any aspect ... anytime....any where.
  • Step 4: Hang them not if any one makes corruption but runs away from the country after doing so.

No need to mention that even creating such a team would be the major test of patriotism of many self acclaimed patriotic personalities and political parties.

By luck, if you are able to make such a team then ask me which two departments to start from  :) There are two ultimate sick departments and need a major surgery.

Doctor Abdul Qadeer Khan [Pakistani Nuclear Scientist]

Doctor Abdul Qadeer Khan was not the only hero of Pakistan Nuclear Program when he was considered to be performing the one man show and he is really the only supreme hero this time when he is being presented as a guilty Pakistani in front of whole world. Apparently, there is no need to worry, the Armed Forces of Pakistan has brobdingnagian respect for Dr. Qadeer and is playing its cards well.

Suggestions to improve Pakistan!
  • How can the Health services be improved?
  • By improving law & order, Accountability and restoring faith on Judiciary.
  • How can the Educational infrastructure be improved?
  • By improving law & order, Accountability and restoring faith on Judiciary.
  • How can the Economic conditions be improved?
  • By improving law & order, Accountability and restoring faith on Judiciary.
  • How can the Transport infrastructure be improved?
  • By improving law & order, Accountability and restoring faith on Judiciary.
  • How can the Poverty be eliminated?
  • By improving law & order, Accountability and restoring faith on Judiciary.
  • How can the Foreign Investments be increased?
  • By improving law & order, Accountability and restoring faith on Judiciary.

and How can the Law and Order, Accountability be improved and faith on Judiciary be restored?

Sounds like a job for Tom Cruise...he is an expert in accomplishing MI.

Beware of Retired and Retard self acclaimed Pakistani intellectuals

Have you ever heard of that barking dogs seldom bite thing?

Think Tank of Pakistan

If you want to meet the people who really think out of the box, who are loyal, passionate, motivated, patriotic, responsible, do not follow 9-5 culture, and ever ready to sacrifice their lives for the nation...accepted as Master Minds and among the best professionals in their domain by the whole world ... even the enemies ........... then you need to meet the people at DMO.

What are the Armed Forces of Pakistan doing?

Coming soon

Am I a fan of Armed Forces?



This is very simple and at the same time complex to understand. Salary of 100 to 200 Dollars per month, has nothing in it to empower and motivate any human being to sacrifice his life and leave his family specially children in the society of wicked, mean, selfish, greedy, demotivated, short tempered and extremely corrupt citizens. It is the cause that makes a soldier ever ready to sacrifice his life for the country, to spend many precious years of his life in remote areas, deserts and forests and even in the enemy territories and one of the freezing hells on the earth. The cause, the motivation, the ideology they possess ..... we can never ever understand it. What we can do and have been doing, is to simply spit on the sky and wait for it to come back to us...

Lets pay tribute to the Eyes of Pakistan

We as a nation can never ever do that. Only loyal, patriotic, courageous, dignified, visionary, thinkers and thoughtful observers can do that and I have a blind faith in .... that they are paying so.

Don't blame Armed Forces of Pakistan for the facilities they provide to those who are ever ready to sacrifice their lives for defending the ideological and geographical boundaries of Pakistan

We have to be brave enough to accept the reality. Rather than accepting the fact that we work for poor organizations and in poor domains, the self acclaimed intellectuals of Pakistan start shouting wrongly against the right facilities provided to the right people by the Armed Forces of Pakistan as reward of their services.

What these self acclaimed intellectuals do not raise their voices against are the instances in which companies with high share prices make world records of firing more than 3000 employees in a single day, probably these intellectuals see no raise in thier account balances for doing the right deeds.

Be brave. Accept the reality.

In Pakistan......with greater Power comes.........

greater Money ................... It may be the responsibility in the rest of the world. Luckily, one doesn't need to spend even a single penny or waste a single second to prove it .... look at the Transparency International reports since day one and you will get another proof of the consistency in our people and policies.

When will Pakistan be having the best Politicians of world?

Since the question seems to be too much demanding, so let it be re-phrased like

"When will we have committed and sincere leadership from politicians rather than Armed Forces?"

Calculations say yes and reveal to us the exact date, 30th Feb 3009 but with the strong assumption that the Day of Judgment will be some where in 2999. If the assumption fails then sheeps, goats and people of Pakistan will have to wait a little longer.

Why can`t the burden of running our Pakistan be put on the weakest shoulders of Politicians?

It`s very simple, One can`t serve as a doctor if he is an engineer. 

Most of the Pakistani Politicians run their mills and factories. Most of them are said to have more than hundred factories and mills and some are claimed to own 500 plus of them. Since running the whole Pakistan effectively cannot be taken as a side business so we need people who are running effectively whatever is left in running condition in Pakistan.

One can not serve his country if he can`t think beyond money, power and protocol.

By our powers combined

......... we broke Pakistan. United we stand together, we are all alike.

Do I think that all the Armed Forces people are angels?

The answer is simple. No .. Never

Who are the most misfortunate people of Pakistan?

The list will increase by leaps and bounds if we include the politicians in list but let's discuss only those who were not expected to be like typical politicians of Pakistan. One the victory stand, stands there a personality who was respected by a lot of people and is now hated by the whole nation .... Admiral retard Mansoor-ul-Haq.

Admiral Mansoor-ul-haq is not the single case of corruption in Armed Forces but probably he had no contacts in the political world, so came there none to save the dear greedy brother.


Think before you speak and be clear, because whatever you say, it has its impact on people

During any conversation and communication in general, words and tone we use, count a lot. Even a single sentence can mean in many different ways to different sets of people and can change their opinions and feelings about the subject. So, you need to practice the following.

If you want to praise any supervisor for his good work and you appreciate his team as well along with him, it will create no negative effects and will enhance the positive ones BUT... BUT  if you want to criticize any one then do not give vague statements and clearly point to subjbect, reason, so simple, whatever you say, it has its impact, different on different type of people.

From all those, i have actually written this paragraph for, i now expect that rather than blaming Armed Forces of Pakistan for the break up of Pakistan, they will now directly call names to Yahya and Niazi.

"I have my suspicions, though"

"The black box was recovered but gave no indication of a problem. It seems likely that the gases were used to disable the pilots. But who unleashed them, we don`t know. I have my suspicions, though."

Read the last sentence again, in fact read it multiple times, the writer is President of Pakistan and Chief of Army staff General Pervaiz Musharraf, the most resourceful and powerful person of Pakistan, who has access to all classified documents and top secret files and the event referred to is the mysterious crash of President Zia's C-130 in Bahawalpur, on August 17 1988. If he suspects, this means, most probably he knows. I wonder what stopped him from disclosing the names of parties involved.

In his Auto Biography, General Pervaiz Musharraf has again proved himself to be a different personality and a very brave and straight forward person. He dares to point at, what ever is wrong and admits if he is responsible.

The following two excerpts are really mind boggling and eye opening, as they come from the President of Pakistan and Chief of Army Staff, the most powerful man in Pakistan & Region.

"It was a nexus between Bhutto and a small coterie of military rulers that destroyed Pakistan"

"Nonetheless, the operational handling of the troops by the army`s senior leadership was simply incompetent. It brought avoidable disgrace to the army."

It is more than difficult to accept your mistakes, to confess them and be regretful, not only when you are in power but specially when you are amongst the most powerful ones. My vote is with you Musharraf, keep the post of Chief of Army chief staff with you and I will vote you for the Presidency again.[Though i strongly believe that you need to bring some changes in your Think Tank]

Wish of a Pakistani IT professional ... My Mad friend

A friend of mine who lives in US has some strange believes. He says that without constructing the strong foundations first, one can`t construct the top most floor of a skyscraper, therefore he wishes that the all the budget for IT in Pakistan [excluding the salaries of ministry and staff] be all spent on Law & Order and Accountability. His words are,

"Without any proper system for accountability, investments on health, education, finance, internal affairs, foreign affairs, IT, telecom etc etc etc etc by the government is like putting billions of dollars in the hands of typical Pakistani politicians and giving the meal of poors to THEIR dogs."

I think he is mad. He always gets emotional whenever we discuss how corruption, extremely sick minds in bureaucracy, poverty, effective efficient and stable system of bribery, huge list of unsuccessful retired government officials and specially their transformation into self acclaimed intellectuals are prevailing in Pakistan. Forget him and remember that Transparency International thing i wrote above ..... we have to work hard to reach the top.

Mad Friend returns

I don`t really want to listen to him. Last time we had a major clash when he tried to prove something quite similar to proving the existence of UFOs. He said, in Pakistan we have no State policies, we behave, act and interact based on the policies and interests of current government [or the same typical Pakistani politicians]. According to him, every government that comes in Pakistan makes new policies or changes the old ones to give a major economic boost to their personal accounts. In order to deny his so many true proofs and examples, i had to get my name inserted in the list of disliked people [for 'set of disliked people', go to General section].

I tried to convince him a lot that in Pakistan we have true democracy and every one has the right to do what ever he wants, so how can we stop politicians from doing so.

The third friend who remained totally quiet through out the discussion said only one sentence and that was at the end of whole discussion. he said

"I doubt we have ever made any policy for any domain" ... and we kept on looking at him with blank faces...

What does this section concludes?

We have Pakistanis on different types of heights.

In Siachin, which is the world`s highest and coldest war zone with a temperature of -50 degree centigrade, we have brothers, fathers, sons, husbands and friends who have been sacrificing their lives for the protection of ideological and geographical boundaries of Pakistan, probably they possess the highest degree of patriotism and what the whole world including enemies accept is that they have the highest level of professionslism.

We have paralyzed bureaucracy who has attained the height of corruption and incapability.

And none the less, we have a lot of worthless politicians who need to be thrown from the highest point of the world, of course without parachute.


9-5 Think Tank...Road map to Disaster

If your country/organization has a think tank that has a 9-5 culture, then the earliest the think tank is dissolved the least your country/organization suffers. Even your 9-5 labor should not be working 9-5 only, atleast not intellectually.

Real stories are never disclosed to mindless and emotional mob ... not atleast un-altered.

Well... though it is true ...but i have nothing to support this statement as i also belong to same category and have heard of some altered political and military stories only.

Living nations never compromise on National Defence, specially its budget

If you see people shouting at the defence budget[including all kinds of vigilance] and crying for its reduction, then this means that your country also has a set of intellectuals who can never digest the reality that the less the country spends on the vigilance[through all possible channels] and getting latest & state of the art technology and weaponry for the self defence, the more it invites the enemy to attack her. Read 'The Control Theory' in 'Cold War' section and Don`t take thing for granted.

Who is giving this world the endless gifts of interminable WARs? [ It is not the Oil Consumers....]

Though accused mainly for being the cause of wars and instability in any country and infringed relationships between multiple countries and nations, the Oil Consumers can be at max given 49% credit for this, the real stake holders are ......... W e a p o n  S e l l e r s....actions speak louder than words and account balance speaks more than arguments, expert lawyers, investigators & red ribbon files.

Presence of a Leader is mandatory in every sphere - specailly in Professional walk of life

Coming Soon

As the Leader of a Nation ... You need to plan for atleast 50 years ahead

I think the statement is self explanatory

Always think in 'n+1' dimensions if there 'n' possible dimensions

You need to perform this activity in every sphere of your personal and professional life in identifying any move/decision as critical and while making that move.

Is the intersection of Set of Incapable & Disliked people and You NULL?

The question is more than critical and the answer ................ It`s very easy to find it out. If during any conversation [and communication in general], you listen for atleast 51% of the whole conversation period, then there is no need to worry, your name is not there.

Condition do not apply when you are being interviewed, interrogated or investigated :)

Sense of Responsibility and Ownership

Any task, project, product, process, organization, country that has no one to take its ownership from the inside of his heart and core of his mind, if there is no one to consider its failure as his failure and its success as the efforts of his team members, then ultimately it is all gonna collapse and vanish one day.

It is very critical to understand that having sense of ownership about something is something entirely different from being a buyer, immediate beneficiary or the major share holder of product, project, organization etc.

If there is no owner then even thousands of team members can just see all their efforts go in vain .... Give respect and take care of the one if you have any ....who takes the owner ship of your task, project, product, process, organization, country. If you cannot do this then atleast avoid the deeds that decreases his motivation and morale.

Leader`s share in Success and Failure [49-51 rule]

A leader has the foreseeing, decision making and the most important of all implementation power and also has a share of 49% in success and 51% in failure. A leader is surrounded by the people whom he allows to be part of his think tank [i-e he agrees to take responsibility in front of world of their good and bad, wrong and right deeds]. Members of his think tank are supposed to be good implementers and very responsible people. Since due to lack of time and bundles of responsibilities and issues,a leader can`t traverse all the possible solution trees of any problem to the root, so this task is performed by one of the members of his think tank and the leader after evaluating it as benevolent, uses his vision, power, experience and determination to implement it. This all leads to the understanding that he has to trust his think tank members and their inferences, references and findings.

What I am trying to divert your attention at is... that when anything major or minor, crucial or less worthy, goes wrong then instead of blindly blaming the leader for that wrong health related, educational, economic, foreign affairs, military, political or any other decision or act, try to find the main and hidden culprit who is part of his Think Tank and is actually responsible for that major or minor loss, choas or failure.

Start thinking.... and if you have already been thinking.... then change the way you think......... Think Again.

For the leaders, I have is little to say ... that when you fail in any sphere due to any incapable member of your Think Tank, then atleast in front of the world, accept it as your mistake and when you get success, you must understand, the credit goes to your Think Tank.

Celebrate diversity in people & differences in views, two of nature`s greatest gifts

Coming Soon

Emails under vigilance and SMS/MMS being sniffed.

Read the following lines carefully

select Name, EmailAddress, SentDateTime, LoginIP, ToEmailAddresses 

from EmailsTable

where Message in ('%Nuclear%','%Chemical%',...... etc etc etc)

If you think that your emails are not under vigilance, then You are wrong.... even if you send these words in puzzles or encrypted form...then be informed that..... some minds more smarter than you and very well equipped are there to solve even more complex puzzles and decrypt those messages.

And if you think that your SMS/MMS are not sniffed then I think that you are trying to make me....

They didn't let any single cipher and cable go un-sniffed to their destinations .... and you think they will let your lovely SMS wander here and there :)

It`s time to replace traditional Black Boxes in Airplanes

It`s enough now ... Audio recording black boxes must be replaced with the new Audio plus Video recording black boxes supporting auto alert transmission to ASF[Airport Security Forces] when KEYWORDS recorded.

Cold War

Who is Henry Kissinger?

A master mind and Nobel prize holder for peace, better than whom no one knows the Cold War realities and incidents, specially the ones that weren`t ever disclosed and will never be unleashed and the best part is his being a complete 24 hours think tank within himself.

The most fascinating trait of this Nobel personality as mentioned in de-classified documents, several articles, newspapers, magazines and books is his ultimate analyzing and Decision Making power at the times of unbearable pressure and nerve breaking circumstances. He has served humanity in multiple dimensions, several ways and at critical instances.

What is NASA?

The central idea of what the critics say is that

"NASA has collected and processed more information about our planet and universe than any other entity in the history of science."

and the above statement describes 1% of 0.1% of what is the 0.01% of actual NASA.

There is no doubt that NASA also has a set of best leaders, perfect implementers and no 9 to 5 thinker.

What is the ONLY bad thing about NASA?

There was no need for NASA to jump into weaponry....but unfortunately it has. I still strongly believe that the prior purpose is that of the Defence rather than Attack and if my belief is wrong ..... then the reason behind are again Weapon Sellers.

The Control Theory

Coming soon

US vs. USSR - Times vs. Pravda

If you have not read the articles of Times[US] and Pravda[USSR] written during cold war era, then probably you are missing the best ever written form of competition and war.

PRAGUE ... the place that still keeps most of the Cold War secrets

Coming soon

Has the Cold War ended with the collapse of USSR?

No. The basis for the Cold War was Democracy vs Communism not US vs USSR and both the political orientations have strengthened themselves with the passage of time.

War is bad or worst ...ask Zoya Alif Mova

There exists thousands of examples to see the ugly face and soul of war. But lets look at Zoya Alif Mova for the time being. She is a Russian citizen, lost her father and brother in wolrd war II and her only son Sasha Alif Mova, who was a soldier in Russian Army died in Afghanistan during Russian invasion in Afghanistan. On his grave, permissions have been denied to even write his place of death.... War has taken all the positivity of life, hope and happiness away from her and given her all that excels towards the extremes of negative axes of all the positive attributes of life. 

Think again.

Anna Politkovskaya and ALexander Litvinenko....

Anna Politkovskaya was a Russian Journalist and one of the honest and selfless workers for the humanity. She wrote many books against those who acted against humanity. She was found shot dead in her apartment.

Alexander Litvinenko was a former KGB agent and took asylum in Britain. At the death of Anna, he raised his voice against those who later killed him ... using the methods that they are famous and known for and that is assumed to be their specialty.

I wonder if their death has caused any permanent loss to any one or anything ..... other than humanity.

A brief and very good book on Cold War

Colonel John Hughes Wilson is known as a cold war warrior. He has served as a Senior British Intelligence Officer and also provided his services to NATO. His book "A brief History of The Cold War" introduced me to some new and interesting dimensions of Cold War. This book is a must read for those who really want to know cold war and cannot afford to avail the luxury of sparing time to read rich and thick text books and declassified documents on Cold War.

Starfish Prime Event.... The story of a Nuclear blast in outer space during Cold War

In July 1962, there was made a nuclear test by US in the outer space, the event is usually referred to as Starfish Prime event. The test damaged electronics in Honolulu and New Zealand (approximately 800 miles away), fused 300 street lights on Oahu (Hawaii), set off about 100 burglar alarms, and caused the failure of a microwave repeating station on Kauai, which cut off the sturdy telephone system from the other Hawaiian islands.

Almost 3 satellites were claimed to be damaged and many remained unable to function for the next 3 to 4 weeks.


The biggest challenge for International Relations ever [US - CHINA Confrontation ...The ultimate dream of worst deed devils to cause irrecoverable damage to humanity and peace process]

Along with the investigation and detailed study about the interests and identification of people investing huge sums of money through different channels and in multiple domains for the US-CHINA confrontation to make it the deadliest one to the whole world and humanity ... we need to focus on the next question on high priority basis.

Least to be MUST DONE to avoid the US - CHINA Confrontation

I do not want to write about it here.