Muhammad Asali

Associate Professor of Economics, ISET, International School of Economics (at Tbilisi State University)Head of Graduate Studies, ISETIZA Research Fellow, IZA, Bonn, GermanyAdj. Associate Professor of International and Public Affairs, SIPA, Columbia University



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Contact:16 Zandukeli StreetTbilisi 0108GeorgiaEmail:muhammad.asali (at) gmail (dot) comTel.:+995-322-50-71-77 (ext. 207)

Selected Publications

The Cycle of Violence in the Second Intifada: Causality in Nonlinear Vector Autoregressive Models. Journal of Applied Econometrics, 2017, 32(6): 1197-1205. (With A. A. and M.B.) (PDF)

NEW! Labor Market Discrimination and the Macroeconomy. Economics of Transition, forthcoming. (with R.G.) (Earlier version: IZA DP 12101)

The End of Tenure? Not Really!! A Tale of Two Tracks. Education Economics, 2019, 27(3): 323-337. (Earlier version: IZA DP 11423)

Employment Discrimination in a Former Soviet Union Republic: Evidence from a Field Experiment. Journal of Comparative Economics, 2018, 46(4): 1294-1309. (With N.P. and S.S.) (Earlier version: IZA DP 11056)

NEW! vgets: A program to estimate general-to-specific VARs, Granger causality, steady-state effects, and cumulative impulse responses. The Stata Journal, forthcoming.

NEW! “Intralesional Injection of the Calcium Channel Blocker Verapamil in Peyronie's Disease: A critical review.” Archives of Italian Urology and Andrology, forthcoming. (With M. Asali)

Compulsory Military Service and Future Earnings: Evidence from a Natural Experiment. Defence and Peace Economics, 2019, 30(4): 402-420. (Earlier version: IZA DP 8892)

Military Service and Future Earnings: Evidence from an Informed Difference-in-Differences (IDID) Approach. Economics Bulletin, 2018, 38(3): 1583-1589.

The Effects of (Different Types of) Immigrants on Labor Market Outcomes of (Different Groups of) Natives. International Journal of Manpower, 2017, 38(3): 338-353. (PDF)

Local Human Capital Formation and Optimal FDI. Journal of International Trade & Economic Development, 25(5), 2016, 691-705. (With A.C.C. and A.S.) (PDF)

Recessions are Not Good for Your Health: the Counter-Cyclical Health Outcomes Revisited. European Economics Letters, Volume 4(1), June 2015, 11-14. (PDF)

The Effect of Immigration on Unskilled Native Workers: Evidence from a Natural Experiment. Southern Economic Journal, Volume 80(2), October 2013, 345-365. (PDF)

On the Effects of Foreign Direct Investment on Local Human Capital Formation. Cuadernos de economía, Volume 34(96), December 2011, 153-161. (With A.C.C.) (PDF)

Jewish-Arab Wage Gap: What are the Causes? Defence and Peace Economics, Volume 21, Issue 4, August 2010, pp. 367-380. (PDF)

Inter-Country Comparisons of Poverty Based on a Capability Approach: An Empirical Exercise. in Arguments for a Better World—Essays in Honor of Amartya Sen, Ed. Kaushik Basu and Ravi Kanbur, Cornell University Press, 2008, Vol. 2, Chapter 1, pp. 7-30. (Joint with S.R and S.V.) (PDF)

Working Papers

Two stones, one bird? The case for simultaneous removal of renal and ureteral stones. (With M. Asali)

The Role of Cooperation in Conflict Cycles. Work in progress. (with A. Abu-Qarn and M. Beenstock)

Cannot afford two flexibilities: Labor market flexibility and the exchange rate regime.” Work in progress. (With V. Kuokštis)

A One-Step Test for the Presence of Multiple Cointegrating Vectors. (WP SSRN)