Lesson One: Muggle Basics
Lesson Two: Muggle Fashion
Lesson Three: Muggle Cooking
Lesson Four: Muggle Pop Culture 

  • There will be one assignment for each lesson. It will consist of options worth 100 points. You may chose to complete up to 60 points worth of options. 
  • There will be a final exam in June worth 30 points. There will also be a project worth 30 points which is optional. 
  • Assignments will be due at the end of term. You may submit them at any time throughout the term. However, please keep in mind that the final deadline is January 15th. No extensions will be granted. 
  • Quills will be awarded to students who earn 200 points, as well as complete the final exam. No exceptions. 
  • The class email is hol.mugglestudiesfb@gmail.com
***Should you rely on assistive technology or have any other needs that should be taken into account, please contact me and we can discuss other options for certain parts of the assignments.