Hello and welcome to Muggle Studies for Beginners! This class will cover a basic introduction to muggles and a few other more specific topics. Everyone is welcome regardless of their background knowledge of muggles. For more information, please see the syllabus. 

My name is Shiloh Adlar and I will be your student teacher for this class. Currently I am a co-captain for RQT, a Ravenclaw Prefect, and the self-proclaimed resident ballerina of the Ravenclaw house.

This class was originally written and taught by Prof. Kyrie Adderholt with her assistant Ashley Margaret. Their original comments have remained throughout the lessons, and I have also added a few of my own. We hope you enjoy it!

Disclaimer: this class can be rather unpredictable. Some days we will be using muggle cooking methods, some days we will listen to loud muggle music, some days we might even venture into a muggle store! If you sign up for this class, be prepared! 

If you have any questions, please send me an HOL message (Shiloh Adlar).