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Solar System

A Solar System from the Lord Buddha's eye .

 Lord Buddha said there are totally 31 types of realms in our solar system. But science believes only two types from those which are Human realm and animal realm. According to Lord Buddha there are many realms other than those such as Brahma realm, Deva realm (heavens), Ghosts realm (Pretaloka ) , Hell realms(Narakaya ) etc. Which we can’t see by our eyes. But life on any one of these realms 
is suffering and isn't permanent.

Gods(Devas/ deities) are a one kind of living being like us. But living with very happily than humans (with less suffering). They are born as appearing and die as vanishing. When they are born according to their karma some kind of gardens or houses (Vimana) will appear for them. Their body is made from very soft material which we can't see. And they are long lived. Chatumaharajika gods are 750 feet (230 m) tall and live for 9,000,000 human years. They have enough power to appear as a human but usually they don't like for that. 

There are six heavens in our solar system (Chatumaharajika, Tavatimsa, Yama, Tusita, Nimmanarathi, Paranimmita-Vasavati). 
Regardless of the realign if someone do good works he will be born in heaves. 

Interesting thing is there are some gods who believe Buddhism; some gods believe another religion or nothing. Just same as humans. 
Before the last life Lord Buddha was lived in Tusita Heaven.

Structure of The Solar System

Arupa Bhumi (Arupachara Brahmalokas or Immaterial/Formless Brahma Realms)

(31) Plane of Neither Perception-nor-non-Perception (Nevasaknkna-nasaknknayatana)

(30) Plane of Nothingness: (Akiknchaknkayatana)

(29) Plane of Infinite Consciousness (Viknknanaknchayathana)

(28) Plane of Infinite Space (Akasanknayathanaya)

Rupa Bhumi (Rupachara Brahma Lokas or Material Brahma Realms)

Suddhavasa Pure Abodes

(27) Akanita Brahma Loka — Highest plane of pure adobes

(26) Sudassi Brahma Loka — Plane of Clear Sight

(25) Sudassa Brahma Loka — Plane of Beauty

(24) Atappa Brahma Loka — Plane of Serenity

(23) Aviha Brahma Loka — Plane of Durability:

Chathur Dhyana Brahma Lokas — Fourth Jhana Plane

(22) Asaknkna Satta Brahma Loka — Plane of non-percipient, matter only, no mind

(21) Vehappala — Plane Great Fruit (Consequence)

Thrutiya Dhyana Brahma Lokas — Third Jhana Planes

(20) Subakinna — Third Jhana, highest degree

(19)Appamanasuba — Third Jhana, medium degree

(18) Patittasuba — Third Jhana, minor degree

Dyutiya Dhyana Brahma Lokas— Second Jhana Planes

(17) Abassara — Second Jhana, highest degree (Abhassara)

(16) Appamanaba — Second Jhana, medium degree

(15) Parittaba — Second Jhana, minor degree

Frathama Dyana Brahma Lokas — First Jhana Planes

(14) Mahabrahma — Plane of Maha Brahma

(13) Brahmapurohita — Plane of Brahma’s ministers

(12) Brahmaparissajja — Plane of Brahma’s retinue

Kama loka - Eleven Sensuous Realms

Deva Lokas— Six Deva planes

(11) Parinimmita-vasavatti — Plane of controlling others’ creations

(10) Nirmanarati — Plane of rejoice in their own creations

(9) Thusita — Delightful Plane

(8) Yama — Heaven without Fighting:

(7) Tavatimsaya — Realm of the Thirty-three

(6) Chaturmaharajika — Plane of 4 Great Kings

(5)Manussa Lokaya — Human Beings:
  1. Jambudvipa  - Earth
  2. Pubbavideha
  3. Aparagoyana
  4. Uturukura

Apaya — Lower Realms of Woe

(4) Pretaloka — Ghosts

(3) Asura loka— Auras

(2) Tiraschina — Animal realm

(1)Narakaya — Hell realms:

Cold Hells
Arbuda – the “blister” Naraka
Nirarbuda – the “burst blister” Naraka
Atata – the Naraka of shivering
Hahava – the Naraka of lamentation
Huhuva– the Naraka of chattering teeth
Uthpala – the “blue lotus” Naraka
Padma – the “lotus” Naraka
Mahapadma – the “great lotus” Naraka

Hot Hells

Sankjiiwa – the “reviving” Naraka
Kalasuthra – the “black thread” Naraka
Samgatha – the “crushing” Naraka
Raurava – the “screaming” Naraka
Maharaurava – the “great screaming” Naraka
Thapana – the “heating” Naraka
Prathapana – the “great heating” Naraka
Avichi - the “uninterrupted” Naraka

consider the solar system  as center is the sun. But Buddha considered that center as the Mahameru rock. Time, Distance(width, height, depth) , mass  all are user frame depended(relative), no absolute value.So time, distance, mass is different from frame to frame. Time on a heaven is very slow than that on Earth. According to Dharma books, one day on Chathurmaharajika heaven is equal to 50years of earth.

Fig1:3D view

    There is a interesting story in a one Dharma Book.There was a god who lived in Tavtisa named Malahari. One day he went to a flower garden with his wives. When they are in the garden one of his wife suddenly died(vanished) from the heaven(Born and die in heaven occurs as appearing and vanishing, Opapatika Born). And she was re born in the Earth  as a girl named Patipujika. She did many good works(did good karmas). She got married and got 4 children. Suddenly she died and again reborn in the place of Malahari god.They were still in the garden.Malahari god asked from Patipujika where did you go?Then she replied didn’t you know?I died and reborn on earth and got 4 chileren.And came back here again.the god said, what a short life on earth!

So, this should be the most genaral from of a solar system.Will be able to science to find those things and heavens some day?? Not, I think. Before that man will degenerate since their science.

Key Words

චතුරාර්ය සත්‍ය , මහාමේරු පර්වතය, යුගාන්දර , ඉශාන්දර , කරාවික , සුදර්ශන , නේමෙන්ධර , විනාතක , අශ්වාහරන , බ්‍රහ්ම ලෝක , දිව්‍යලෝක , චාතුර්මහා රාජිකය , තාවතිංසය , යාමය , තුෂිතය , නිර්මාණ රතිය , පරනිර්මිත වශවර්තිය ,  පෘතුවිය , නරකය ( නිරය ), සංජීව නරකය , කාලසූත්‍ර නරකය , සංඝාත , රෞරව , මහා රෞරව , තාප , ප්‍රතාප , අවීචි මහා නරකය , ලෝකාන්තරික නරකය , සක්වල ගල , වා පොලොව , ජල පොලොව , සක්වල , සහශ්‍රි ලෝක ධාතුව

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