I have university education in Engineering and Physics. But finally I realized that Science make this world, to a more unpleasant and unsatisfied place. And it is not to the direction of reality. Compared to the old humans current humans mind is more diversified(So wandering and weak). I think main reason was the TV and it's fake advertisements. Now internet based social network websites and smart-phones also make the human minds more diversified in considerable amount without no rest. 
    When studying I found that, what a wonderful philosophy is Buddhism. Actually Buddhism is the 'Univarsal Science' for all intelligent human and non humans beings. Buddhism can be a religion for those who want a religion, the universal science for those who want the science and the ultimate philosophy for those who want a philosophy. How mind and brain work? Is life only on earth? What is the most basic partial of the nature? How much size is universe? What is the time? I got answers to all of my questions like these from the Buddhism.
    I think there are two big mistakes current science had did, first one is they didn't study about the mind and the second one is they couldn't able to prove the existence of invisible beings. I think humans will destroy with their science before they find these things.

Muditha G
Lives in Sri Lanka