9/9/17 Russian meeting attendee Rinat Akhmetshin.

Sweetwater Bar and Grill, Atlanta. Great corner pub atmosphere and good diverse mix of people.

12/28/17 Marilyn Peek


Answer to the Joe Wilson interruption of the state of the union address.

12/10/15 Westminster Kennel Club Annual Husband

Obedience show. Probably not political, but pretty funny.

Always have to get the next new thing.

8/12/17 Lee VanCleef from the Man Who Shot Liberty Valance.

02/11/18 Putin Shenanigans

8/3/17 Lee Marvin

2/6/10 This was done when legalizing pot for recreational purposes was in the news.

11/05/17 Shinbone Star...somewhat

Done during the oil spill disaster in the gulf. These were the guys who were responsible: The CEO pictured is Tony Howarth, who has since stepped down.


In response to health care being in the news.

8/5/17 More Pocket Money

8/13/17 Strother Martin from the Man Who Shot Liberty Valance. Along with Lee Marvin and Lee Van Cleef, this is the most brilliant grouping of bad guys in movie history.

07/29/16 Bernie Sanders Parting the Seas of Super-delegates.