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Zambian Firearms Policy

Zambian Firearms Policy

Firearms: There can be little doubt that the best all-around rifle for Central Africa is that of the .375 calibre, however, a .416 or similar heavy calibre is a good choice for buffalo, and a flat shooting .300 or 7mm would be ideal for plains game. The most important thing is to be familiar with the gun you are using with a good degree of accuracy at ranges of up to 200 meters. Buffalo, lion and leopard are usually taken at less than 100 meters.

Ammunition: Maximum permitted ammunition importation to Zambia is 100 rounds per rifle and 200 rounds per shotgun. Depending on the guns to be used, it is recommended the the following ammunition is brought into Zambia:

  • Large calibre, 20 solid and 80 soft nose.

  • Medium calibre, 100 soft nose.

  • Shotgun, 200 rounds, No. 4 or 6.

Handgun and Bow Hunting is permitted in Zambia.