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Trophy Hunting Safaris in Zambia with John du Plooy
Muchinga Adventures, LTD
Muchinga Adventures Ltd, founded in 1993 by John du Plooy (winner of nine major national and international safari game awards) is an independent and highly experienced company licensed to operate in Tondwa GMA,
Bangweulu GMA, and the Kafue Flats GMA. With an extremely talented and professional team we offer quality hunts for almost all Zambian species at competitive prices without compromising on the totally authentic African experience that has become our longstanding trademark. Safari full time staff, many of whom have worked with us for more than five years, number around 15 in each camp, hunters and trackers in particular having intimate knowledge of the concessions operated and animals sought.

In addition, John du Plooy offers quality fishing packages throughout Zambia. Please click on the following link to view them: Fishing Package.

Overview of Luangwa River Valley GMAs
Traditionally renowned for it's consistently large full maned lion, GMAs in the Luangwa River Valley also boasts huge leopard and
big full-bossed
buffalo.  The Luangwa Valley borders three national parks - North Luangwa National Park, Lukusuzi National Park and Luambe National Park - they are 2555 square kilometers of prime hunting grounds encompassing mopane woodlands, sweeping hills and superb Luangwa River frontage. Hunters fly from Lusaka to Mfuwe on a commercial flight with a five-hour drive to camp or may charter into the hunting concession with a 10-30 minute drive to camp depending on which GMA.

The classical safari has a minimum booking of 14 days for leopard and 16 days for lion, where the client predominately hunts lion, leopard, buffalo and a variety of other species from antelope to hippo and zebra. Both cats may be taken on 21-day hunts. Buffalo hunts have a minimum booking of 7 days, and up to six other species may be hunted (except Roan and Sable which are restricted to classical safaris).

Tondwa GMA
Located in Northern Zambia, Tondwa GMA is 443 square kilometers of beautiful wetlands, with surrounding volcanic hills providing an African landscape that is hard to beat. With a largely diverse number of species found in this richly populated concession it boasts of huge roan, sitatunga, blue duiker, puku, lichenstein hartebeest, hippo, sable, warthog, reedbuck and bushbuck to name a few. Lion, leopard and buffalo are also found in the area and will require a certain degree of hard hunting and determination. Tondwa is one of Zambia's remotest hunting areas and requires a chartered flight, a drive of 20 hours or when available a commercial flight to Kasaba Bay with a two-hour drive to the hunting area.

The Swamp Hunt Safari

This is a 7-day safari predominately undertaken in the 3500 square kilometers Bangweulu Swamps where in particular Sitatunga, Tsessabe and the unique Black Lechwe are in abundance, the Black Lechwe like the Kafue Lechwe is not found elsewhere in Africa. A further hunting concession of striking beauty is the wetlands of the Kafue Flats, an area of just under 5000 sq km being home to more than 60,000 of the water loving Kafue Lechwe as well as numerous bird life.

Game Hunting in Zambia

The Republic of Zambia secured independence from Great Britain in 1964. Today it is a nation of eight million people with a land mass in excess of 750,000 square kilometers -- roughly the size of France, Switzerland, Austria and Hungary combined. Zambia remains one of the finest, if not the best, hunting grounds in Central

Africa and plays host to a wide variety of tourist attractions, including professional hunting. The nation boasts unspoilt natural beauty, a profusion of wildlife and one of the world's greatest natural wonders: the awe-inspiring Victoria Falls. The Falls are situated along the mighty Zambezi River (1700 meter wide) where it suddenly plunges headlong into a 110 meter deep sheer-sided chasm. At the height of flooding (March-April) the flow exceeds more than 1000 cubic meters per second and creates an impressive sight, generating atmospheric spray and vapor over the Falls that can be seen up to 50 kilometers away. The spray and sound give rise to the local name of "Mosi-oa-Tunya" -- "The Smoke That Thunders".

Zambia is unrivalled in its wildlife variety. It is home to more than 700 species of birds and over 100 species of mammals including Lion, Leopard, Elephant and Buffalo. There are 24 varieties of antelope recorded, from the tiny Blue Duiker to the huge Eland. Several of the Zambian mammal species cannot be found elsewhere in Africa. There are 18 individual National Parks covering an area of 60,000 square kilometers and Game Management Areas in excess of 140,000 square kilometers, the latter providing hunting concession areas.

Hunting is strictly controlled by the Zambia Wildlife Authority and is undertaken in varied locations throughout Zambia according to the species of animal sought and the government-allocated quotas. Most hunting concessions cover areas in excess of 4,000 square kilometers and are largely adjacent to National Parks. This provides increased opportunities for exceptional trophies and unique photography. You will find a wide variety of terrain within the hunting concessions: thick-wooded forests, open woodlands with rolling hills, ridges and valleys interspersed with open grasslands and lush dambos.

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John du Plooy  PHAZ, SCI Life Member
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