The McMaster University Chemical Engineering Conference (MUCEC) is an annual tradition at our department, occurring this year on Tuesday, April 11 in McMaster Innovation Park (MIP). The event provides an opportunity for our graduate students to present their research progress to their colleagues and the department faculty, as well as to attend a keynote presentation given by a distinguished alumnus of the department. This year's keynote presenter will be Dr. Laura Wells, a former Dr. Sheardown's student and currently a faculty member of Chemical Engineering Department in Queen's University.  

This event provides an excellent opportunity to share ideas with your peers and faculty. Graduate students from our department will give talks covering their research and will compete for the A.E. Hamielec Award, a prestigious award honouring Dr. Archie Hamielec that represents our department's commitment to academic communication.

In addition to the oral presentations, a number of students will present their research during a poster session. Departmental awards are given for this poster session. This annual event offers an excellent view of active research being undertaken within our department and provides a forum for discussion; it is our hope that this event contributes to the depth of collaboration enjoyed between our department's diverse research groups. 

If you require additional information about MUCEC please feel free to contact us contact us.

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