Mufulira College of Education is a government college. The programme the college offers is affiliated to the University of Zambia (UNZA). This was done to ensure checks and balances in training of teachers and also to uphold high level of standards in teacher performance.
The college currently offers a three year training program for  Junior Secondary School Teaching in the areas of Science, Mathematics, Home Economics and Practical Subjects. After training, the graduates are deployed in the teaching industry throughout  the country.  
Teachers produced at this college are trained at two levels. The first level, which covers two and half years, prepares students to teach competently at Junior Secondary level (grades 8 to 9) while the second  level prepares students to teach at senior level (grades 10 to 12).The students write promotion examinations followed by school teaching practice in the second term of the school calendar. The second year students go to practice in Upper Basic Schools while third year students go to High Schools.  This website has been set with the view to help our students access learning materials from internet where ever they may be . We hope, as a college, that this will enhance student perfomance and the quality of  teacher training.
In the academic area the college is organised into four department with their subsections. These are the: 
  • Science Department: the department comprises the Biology, Chemistry and Physics sections
  • Mathematics Department: comprises the Mathematics Section only.
  • Practical Subjects Department: which comprises the Home Economics, Art and Design, Music and Industrial Arts sections.  
  • Education Department: this department  comprises the Educational Psychology, Sociology of Education, History and Philosophy of Education and Theory and Practice of ducation sections.