I have more than 20 year of experience in social science research, including proficient skills in research design and implementation; programming research activity and budget; management of research staff; survey, quantitative & qualitative research; collecting data & statistics (SPSS); analysis, planning, writing & presentation of articles and reports.

Some of my Articles are among the BIOMED’s list of top articles.

My PhD thesis have both theoretical and its practical implications and it is based on empirical analysis of the data collected in sociological surveys carried out in Tajikistan in post-war situation.

My international experience in application of social science methodologies & project-level social assessment accounts more than 10 years, and includes experience in research on Violence Against Children, Women and Youth; Team Leadership; Project Design & Management; Feasibility study & Needs assessment; Social (Impact) Assessment; Social Risk Management Plans, Social Due Diligence; Gender Analysis, Women & Gender Studies; (Ethnic) violence; (post-) conflict management; Minorities & Immigrants; Participatory Consultation Processes.

Selective  research and links to some of my research papers:  

Work environment in the Danish elderly care system, NRCWE, Denmark

In 2006-2008 i have been part of a team of the SOSU-Project in the National Research Centre for Working Environment and one of my research topic was violence towards personal in the Danish elderly care. The research results were published in several articles: 
- Individual and organizational factors in intention to stay in current jobs among the newly graduated from the SHC schools native and immigrant care workers. International Journal of Human Resource Management (2008).
- Hogh, A., Sharipova, M, Borg, V, and Mikkelsen, E.: Vold og trusler i ældreplejen. København, Arbejdsmiljøinstituttet, 2007.
- Fallentin, N, Faber, A, and Sharipova: Fysiske belastninger i plejearbejdet. M. København, Arbejdsmiljøinstituttet, 2007. 
- Sharipova M, Borg V, Hogh A: Prevalence, seriousness and reporting of work-related violence in the Danish elderly care. Scand J Caring Sci; 2008 Dec;22(4):574-81 
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- Sharipova M, Hogh A, Borg V: Individual and organizational risk factors of work-related violence in the Danish elder care. Scand J Caring Sci; 2010 Jun;24(2):332-40 
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- Hogh A, Sharipova M, Borg V: Incidence and recurrent work-related violence towards healthcare workers and subsequent health effects. A one-year follow-up study. Scand J Public Health; 2008 Sep;36(7):706-12 
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Widows of war in Tajikistan 

The article presents results of a qualitative research carried in 1997 in Tajikistan. The study is based on interviews with widows of the victims of the Civil war in Tajikistan (1992-1997). Edited by Shahrbanou Tajbakhsh.

- Sharipova M, Tajbakhsh Sh. War Widow in Tajikistan, Census, 1998 

National Survey on Violence against Woman in Tajikistan, OPEN ASIA 

In 1999-2000 I have been the head of the National research team to study "Violence against Women in Tajikistan". The study was carried by the OPEN ASIA, and funded by WHO, UNDP, the SDC. The results of the study published in three main reports and several articles. These reports are available on english and russian: 
- Report on analysis of quantitative data in form of a Working Document: "Violence against Women, WHO, 1999 Pilot Survey in Tajikistan" on a sample of 1000 women in various areas of the country. Workshop on Violence against Women in Tajikistan, Dushanbe, 29-30 March, 2000', 37 p. 
- Report on preliminary analysis of qualitative data', Dushanbe, 2000, 33 p. 
- Report on analysis of interviewer's daily diaries". WHO Project on Violence Against Women as a Public Health Issue in Tajikistan, Joint WHO\SDC\UNDP\OPEN ASIA Project. Dushanbe, 2000. 15 p. 
- One more War Against Women in Tajikistan//Gender Politics in Central Asia: Historical Perspectives and Current Living Conditions of Women. Herausgegeben von Hдmmerle, Christa; Langreiter, N; Lanzinger, M; Saurer, Edith, 2008, pp.67-95. 

National survey of the risk factors of prevalence of violence against children, OPEN ASIA
As an expert and the head of the National research team to study "Violence against children in Tajikistan" I wrote reports and articles on the results of the study that also was carried by the OPEN ASIA, and funded by UNICEF. The results of the study published in the following report, my the PhD thesis and several articles. The report and articles are available on english and russian. 

- Report on analysis of qualitative and quantitative data based on child focus group discussions, diaries of interviewers, and child specialist's research. Paper on the conference on "Protection of Children rights in Tajikistan", Dushanbe, 2001. 
- Report on analysis of quantitative data collected on parents' survey, experts and NGOs. Includes recommendations. Dushanbe, 2001. 
- Violence against Children in Tajikistan: Theoretical and empirical analysis based on sociological surveys carried out in Tajikistan. Thesis, Moscow, Russia, 2002, (rus). Pp. 126.

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