Mullakkodi Aided Upper Primary School was founded in 1910 by K.P. Narayanan Nambiar, a prominent educator, social reformer and freedom fighter. The school was first established as a primary school (first standard to fifth standard) in Parangot of Kayaralam Village and was moved to its current location in Arimbra of Mayyil Grama Panchayat in 1919. The school was upgraded to a higher elementary school (first standard to eight standard) in 1951 as per the Madras Education Rule. Students on successful completion of a public examination were awarded the Eighth School Leaving Certificate (ESLC). In 1962 the school became an Aided Upper Primary School (first standard to seventh standard) as per the Kerala Education Rule of 1959. The school is accredited by the General Education Department of Government of Kerala and is under the jurisdiction of Taliparamba South Educational District.
The school has been playing a prominent role in ensuring quality education for students from Arimbra, Mullakkodi, Kayaralam and Naniyoor-Nambaram. Medium of instruction is Malayalam. English and Hindi are taught as mandatory languages, and Sanskrit, Arabic and Urdu are taught as optional second languages. The school has a strong PTA and has a long history of parents and teachers working together to benefit the students.
Past Educators: K.P. Narayanan Nambiar (Headmaster: 1910-1948),K.P. Ramer Nambiar (Headmaster: 1948-1953), A.K. Othenan Nambiar, K. Krishnan Gurukal, K.V. Narayanan Nambiar, S.V. Madhavan Nambisan, K.O. Kunhi Raman Nambiar, K.P. Kunhi Kannan Nambiar,E.K. Narayanan Nambiar, K.K. Kunhi Kannan Nambiar (Headmaster: 1967-1983), K.K. Kunhi Krishnan Nambiar (Headmaster: 1953-1967), M.V. Chathukutty, P. Othenan, K. Kelan, K.K.P. Krishna Varriar, P.P. Kunhi Raman, K.K. Balakrishan Nambiar, C. Ibrahim (Headmaster: 1983-1986), P.P. Chakrapani Varriar, K.K. Madhavan Nambiar (Headmaster: 1986-1989), P. Kamalakshi Amma, K.K. Sivaraman Nair, D. Vilasini, V.B. Yatnan Namboodiri (Headmaster: 1989-1991), K.P Balakrishnan Nambiar, E.K. Prabhakaran Nambiar, C.M. Velayudhan Nambiar, C.M. Damodaran Nambiar, C. Kunhi Krishnan Nambiar, C.K. Goplan Nambiar, P. Damodaran Nambiar, S.P. Vasudevan Namboodiri, M. Mridula, P.V. Krishnan, K.K. Kunhiambu, K.K. Balan, K.K. Sreedharan Nambiar, K.V. Gangadharn Nambiar, C. Rugmini, T. Rugmini, C.P. Prabhakaran Nambiar, K.O. Padmini (Headmistress: 1991-1999), E.P. Lakashmi (Headmistress: 1999-2000), V.R Sarasamma, S. Khureshia Beevi, K. Abdul Rehman, K.V. Gomathi, K.C. Rajan, P. Krishnan, T. Vijayan, K. Rameshan, K.C. Leela (Headmistress: 2000-2006), K. Rajendra Kumar, C.R Prameela (Headmistress: 2006-2011). 
Address: Mullakkodi AUP School, Mullakkodi Post, Kannur 670602.
Accreditation: General Education Department. Government of Kerala.

Events: Satabdi Celebrations are being organized to mark one hundred illustrious years of establishment of the school. Alumni, students, staff, and families are invited to participate.





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