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The Neighborhood Support Program (NSP) was initiated by the City of Cincinnati to provide funds to community councils in support of neighborhood projects and activities. Many councils use these funds to assist with membership drives, publish newsletters, engage in beautification and clean-up activities, provide summer employment or cultural activities to neighborhood youth, and underwrite the cost of sending community leaders to workshops and other training and networking opportunities, among other things. There are currently 51 neighborhood councils recognized in the City of Cincinnati. NSP is an annual process open only to these 51 neighborhood councils. Councils must submit an annual proposal that has been approved by residents living within that neighborhood.

For more information about NSP see the following link:

Non-NSP or General Funds - The MWCC also has a general fund where monies can be made available through membership approval. Any person, entity, or organization seeking funding from the MWCC which does not intend to use NSP funds should download the Rules of Governance for Non-NSP Funds to find out how to obtain funds via membership approval.