Welcome to the Help a Psychology Student webpage ;-P
This page is dedicated to a special psychology student with a thesis.

The Questionaire is about Understanding Spiritual Experiences. You're help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a heap. The links are below. Thankyou.

"I have been collecting data for over a month and a half now, and i have just
spoken to my supervisor and i have a measly 20 questionaires collected.
This is despite the fact that i have given out close to 100 or more.  As u
could imagine it is fustrating and a lil stressfull as untill i can collect
100 bits of data i cannot continue to work on my thesis as i have no results
to work with.  This is not a nice position when the thesis i have been
working on all year is due in a bit over a month and things have come to a
dead halt.  And the thesis is worth 80% of my mark for the entire year and
has much to do with what future opportunities are open to me...anyway...not
to ramble on!!!

So if you could help me out at all....by forwarding the bellow email to
ANYONE you think would be able to help me out by completing a questionaire,
i would be more than gratefull.  Any NON RELIGIOUS over 18 year old will do.



Now i know you guys and girls at ATS and you all have an opinion to share, with your views on the world, spirituality, reality, conspiracies, and everything alternative. I am asking for your help for her.

So the downloads are below, so please help. all you have to do is send her an email to: karlsie82@hotmail.com with the questionaires.doc and make the title your full name such as: Michael Edward Wilson. If you want to include some writing such as: "I consent for you to use my information for your thesis." then that would be nice also ;-o but it's unneccessary. Please help.

questionnairess.doc   ConsentForm2.pdf   InfoLetter.pdf

Thanks all ;-P

From a fellow ATSer ;-P


Psst: I plan on finding out what the outcome is, if there is one, to this thesis and letting you all know.

Thank you for your support.