Mt Tom Challenge

The Course: Climb (or scramble some might say) up the 1100' vertical feet of trail from the Ansonia valley to the summit vista of Mt. Tom with views into the PA Grand Canyon and to the west nearly to Galeton. After catching your breath and those awesome views, continue a short distance along the ridge before descending most of the way back on a grassy (or more snowy this time of year) forest road. Reach the tent at the bottom before 11am and YOU GET TO DO IT AGAIN!!! How many laps can you do in two hours?

Date: Sunday, February 9, 2025 – Start Time: 9am.  The challenge is to complete at least one lap within two hours in whatever conditions are present. Not enough of a challenge? Then do as many as you can in that time! Register by 8:30am day of event.

Cost: FREE - no frills, no prizes, just a great morning out on the trails. Some type of traction device may be required based on trail conditions (screw-shoes, yak-traks, microspikes, etc, or even snowshoes!) Remember conditions will vary with elevation and some areas hold snow much longer than most. Ice can be the toughest condition and is common this time of year. The course WILL vary greatly based on weather, snow and ice conditions. It's winter. It's part of what makes this a challenge!!!

The Mt. Tom Challenge is part of the Wellsboro Winter Celebration organized by 

the Wellsboro Area Chamber of Commerce.

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