Medicinal Plant Studies

Welcome! In an effort to reach out to our colleagues in learning, the Center of Environmental Education is creating an academic resource for science teachers whose curriculum is focused on 9th through 12th grade benchmarks. With that in mind, a series of supplements, guides, experiments and videos are being collected here so that teachers can enrich the learning experience in their classes.

A key part in the use of these supplements involve student interaction and experimentation. While there are lectures, videos and supplementary readings the students will have to "get their hands dirty" for the full experience. With that in mind, guides for constructing lab equipment, mixing reagents and sourcing materials from local retailers and less relying on scientific supply companies have been included. 

The core of the course is biology, and the model organisms used to teach will be medicinal plants, Brassica rapa and a few others.

Key areas of focus will be botany, genetics, chemistry, statistics, microscopy, medicinal plants, the scientific method, lab protocol, critical thinking, bacteria, heredity, evolution, cellular concepts, photosynthesis, and organismal interactions.     


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How is this Website Organized?

The information presented here is organized into sections. This is so users can find and access the materials they need in an easy manner. The side bar to the right has links to the sections, and each section has its topics divided into sub sections. 

For instance, in the Videos section, video lectures pertaining to biology concepts covered in grades 9 through 12 are organized and highlighted. These videos come from educators from around the net, and links are collected for your use. 

The teacher's guides section collects suggestions, instructions and convenient modifications to protocols to help implement experiments in a high school setting.

Under the experiments section, several activities are outlined to detail key biological concepts.

The equipment section details instructions on how to build equipment that will increase your classes abilities to perform not only the experiments listed here, but others as well. 

As many of these experiments deal with protocols that are to be implemented in a classroom, pertinent instructions have been converted to pdf format for download, so you can have access to them offline. These files are kept in the files section.