Who we are...

The Sunburst Community Service Foundation is dedicated to the growth of individuals, families and communities. We organize and promote cultural and creative opportunities, as well as provide resources to educate and nurture mutual respect, tolerance and healthy values in the communities we serve. The Sunburst Community Service Foundation is a non-profit organization established in 1995 in Eureka, Montana by a small group of community members that has now grown to provide services in eight locations in western Montana.


For information about this web site, contact  info@sunburstfoundation.org  

Mental Health
Sunburst offers mental health services at five locations in northwestern Montana. These services include psychiatric assessment, outpatient therapy, managing medications, case management and much more.  Our Kalispell site has a drop-in center, a safe and respectful place, where individuals can spend time and get support. A snack bar, classes and  recreational opportunities are available. Sunburst also offers Home Support Services to help young people who have a mental illness and their families.

Sunburst Foundation's Family Concepts is a life-line between children in foster care and their birth families. Utilizing a staff of compassionate and dedicated individuals, Family Concepts provides an array of services to prevent child abuse and neglect as well as to assist families in re-unification efforts and permanency planning.

Arts & Education

April 30: Residents in the Tobacco Valley have seen many changes over the years as new people moved in and some of the valley’s young people moved out after completing high school. Recently there has been a different type of change as more tourists pass through and there is an increase in part-time residents, those individuals who have a place in the valley as a second home.  How do all these changes impact us as neighbors? And what exactly makes a good neighbor? What role do the people who live in surrounding communities play in the development and preservation of the Tobacco Valley? Participants will collectively explore these and other questions in a public conversation guided by discussion facilitator Lowell Jaeger.  Join us for this conversation April 30 starting at 6:30pm LCHS Commons.

May 16: Hike, ride or bike the Kootenai Trail. Get sponsors or just make your own donation to help us keep the Trail doing what it does - provide an awesome recreational activity right in Eureka.  Booth in Riverside Park from 10 - noon.

June 11:  The infamous autoharp maestro Bryan Bowers will be performing n Eureka.  Stay tuned for the details of where and what time. This is going to be fantastic so you don't want to miss it.