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Hours of Operation 

Monday and Wednesday 9am-4pm

Scope of Service

Michigan Township Services, Southwest is a full-service code enforcement organization.  

Our State Registered officials and inspectors are highly trained to meet the municipality’s every construction code enforcement need. 

This is equally true with our office staff, in meeting both municipality and citizen needs.


We offer Personalized Service. 

We are able and willing to conform to the needs of the municipality. 

We believe that this characteristic places us a step above other options for code enforcement.


We offer Excellence. 

We are consistently maintaining an organization that is better than expected. 

Having highly trained officials, inspectors, and staff teamed up with cutting edge technology we believe we can offer nothing but the best.


We offer Integrity. 

Honesty, reliability, and an upright character are the backbone of our organization. 

Integrity is Key. 

If it is ever questioned we will do whatever possible to make things right, guaranteed.


We offer Knowledge. 

Our staff is highly trained.

Both our inspectors and office staff are consistently attending classes to enhance their knowledge in the field of construction and code enforcement.


We offer Experience. 

All of our inspectors have had years of experience working in the trades they inspect. 

We firmly trust in having this experience because we believe it enhances the Inspector / Contractor relationship. 

Our guys have been there and done that. 

They understand the hardships in the construction world.