MTS File Joiner

 MTS Files created by newer digital video cameras that can only be 2 GB in length, as recorded in the camera.  This means that each segment is about 17 minutes of video.  If you shoot longer segments, they are broken up into 2GB pieces.  This is annoying when trying to build a continuous video since there is a break every 17 minutes that is noticeable!!  There are, I'm told, dropped frames because the data at the end of one segment is not picked up when the next segment begins)

This web page describes the problem and provides a program that can join the segments back into one continuous file.

Currently, this site is a work in progress.  In the future, as time permits, I'll add more content, such as tutorials.  For now, just download the file, unzip it to a directory and run it.  It's pretty easy to use once you've tried it.  Here are some basic instructions.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them in the comments section below.  I'll attempt to answer your questions in a timely manner.

A more detailed description of the problem can be found at the forum where I first posted this program.  It's at :

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