our Vision: to be Active, Engaged, Successful Learners

Message from the Principal

Welcome to Mt Roskill Primary.  We are part of the Mt Roskill Campus of Schools where education is valued highly and students achieve. Our vision is to develop children that are active, engaged, successful learners. We give them opportunities to achieve in the classroom, on the sports field, in cultural activities and as good citizens.
Our school is a wonderful mix of diversity, with students from many cultural backgrounds working alongside students with physical disabilities and others with special learning needs. All have their part to play and all are successfully provided for. 

Our community comes from around the world and they all value education and want their child to achieve. At Mt Roskill Primary School we look forward to working with each of you to make that vision a reality.

Mike O'Reilly

Term 1 -Thursday 2nd Feb to Thursday 13 April
Term 2- Monday 1st May   to Friday 7th July 
Term 3- Monday 24th July to Friday 29th September
Term 4- Monday 16th October to Tuesday 19th December

Coming events

Wednesday  22 Feb  Last day for Learn to Swim                                         & Survive
Wednesday  22 Feb Tuakana Kapa haka begins                                        after school today 3.10 -                                               4.15 pm
Monday        27 Feb} Parent and Teacher              Tuesday        28 Feb} Interviews

Monday        27 Feb MRPS close at 1 pm.  Please                                        make arrangements for the                                        supervision of your child                                            after 1 pm.  Interviews                                                    begin at 2 pm till 7.15 pm 
 Tuesday       28 Feb Parent and Teacher                                                        Interviews from  3.15 pm-                                           7 pm 
Thursday         2 Mar School Swimming Sports at                                         MRGS Pool 9 am - 12 noon.
Thursday         2 Mar Saving Day Zone Cricket at 
                                     Keith Hay Park
Monday          6 Mar Year 5 Outdoor Education                                             trip to Tahuna Torea Reserve
Tuesday          7 Mar  Year 1 Trip to Devonport