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The Dansant (2002)

This short movie has been realized with Pierre Berry and Sophie Robin. For 1'50" long, we spend all week-end during six months to create all components of the movie, especially the movie set make of piece of wood-market. (except the tea bag!). Many movies references are hidden in the set.

Thé Dansant (2') / director Mathieu Renouf / set Pierre Berry & Mathieu Renouf / puppet-masters Sophie Robin & Pierre Berry / music My Romance (Roger&Hart - Billy Bathgate Soundtrack), Montpellier 2002.

Otaku (2002)

My first short movie realized in Montpellier. It has been realized in parallel of The Dansant. During one year, we spend our week-end, day and night, to make these eleven minutes. The result, I believe, is not so bad.

Otaku (11') / director/story/music/montage/actor Mathieu Renouf / co-director Cyril Ruel/ co-story/actor/music Pierre "Pipo" Berry / actor Christophe Adgé, Mister Gloopy / music Sophie Robin, Montpellier 2002.

Japanese memories part 1 (2003)

This clip has been realized after the JSPS 2003 summer program. During my Ph.D., I stayed two months in Sendai (Japan - Tohoku district). I have try to put in image my japansese memories. .... I think it's no so far from what I want to made initially.

Japanese Memories Part 1 (8') / director Mathieu Renouf / music Drop (Thee Michelle Gun Elephant - Casanova Snake), Sendai-Montpellier 2003.

Japanese memories part 2 : Sendai guys (2003)

As the part one, this clip has been realized after the JSPS 2003 summer program. In this one all part of the movies have been take in Sendai, with two of my friends Mark and Terence. The clip is a mix of a amateur rock band of the Date Rock festival and camera movies take by Terence. ... Ja mata guys.

Japanese Memories Part 2: Sendai Guys (7') / director Mathieu Renouf / camera video Terence Flanagan music Date Rock Festival, Sendai-Montpellier 2003.

Japanese memories part 3 : Zen garden (2003)

Always realized in Sendai, with this short movie, I have wanted to underline my feeling when I went to this garden. Located near my japanese student home, I went often to rinoji dera. Often alone, I decided one day to take my camera and to realized this movie. The music of Joe Hisaishi issue from Dolls (Beat Takeshi movie) is very appropriate to comment the images. No word, .... just the silence.

Japanese Memories Part 3: Zen garden (7') / director Mathieu Renouf / music Joe Hisaishi, Sendai Rinoji Dera-Montpellier 2003.