Two of your net controllers.....KF4ZCC on the left, and KE4VXC on the right.
This is two of your net controllers for the 6600 net. On the left, we have Mike, KF4zcc. On the right, KE4VXC, Chet. 
This is the building where the Mt. Mitchell repeaters are housed. 


Winter time in Yancey CountySometimes the weather doesn't want to cooperate.
Mike Fowler (K4WAT) in front of the Mt. Mitchell 2m & 220 repeaters. Another one of your net controllers for the 6600 net, Mike Fowler, K4WAT. 
One thing you can't beat...the view.
Since we put up a picture of chet in a dress, i thought it only fitting to show mike (k4wat) in a dress too. he's with chet (not in a dress this time)
Installing hard line for 145.190