Our History

Passion and Performance:  78 Years of the Manheim Township Marching Band

In the beginning, Manheim Township was not so much a community but a rural stretch of farmland dotted with small, crossroad villages between Lancaster and it’s outlying towns. Attendance at the Manheim Township High School was small. The class of 1931, the school’s first graduating class ever, had only 32 students. The class of 1932 had only 28. In 1937 a group of eight students and one director met together on the front lawn of the old Manheim Township High School. In a spirit of fun and adventure, they worked for one purpose - to initiate the school's first marching band. Little could they know this first meeting was a momentous occasion. These 9 founding members were off and leading the way to a future that would have profound effects on Manheim Township’s students and community for decades to come. This was the beginning of the dynamic, hard-working, highly skilled and storied band of students we now know as The Manheim Township High School Marching Band.

For the full story of our rich history, look below for the attached history Passion and Performance: 78 Years of the Manheim Township Marching Band.