Patrols are the building blocks of a Boy Scout troop. A patrol is a small group of boys who are similar in age, development, and interests. Working together as a team, patrol members share the responsibility for the patrol's success. They gain confidence by serving in positions of patrol leadership. All patrol members enjoy the friendship, sense of belonging, and achievements of the patrol and of each of its members.
Patrol 1
Patrol Leader: Jared Goldfischer
Asst. Patrol Leader: Jacob Goldfischer
Patrol Quartermaster: ~

Patrol Members:
Nick Jones

Sean Ruddy

Mark Abate

Daniel DiGiovanni

Jonah Ravin

Nick Textores

Chris Delara

Miles Harris-Hohne

Patrol 2
Patrol Leader: Chatham Abate
Asst. Patrol Leader: Jake Muilenburg
Patrol Quartermaster: ~

Patrol Members:
Jeremy Anderson

Owen Goldthwaite

Ethan Weiss

Alexander Schwartz

Eamon Reilly

Dylan Lynch

Grant Downes

Patrol 3
Patrol Leader: John Rosseland
Asst. Patrol Leader: Owen Plante
Patrol Quartermaster: ~

Patrol Members:
Mark Ferguson

Mark Richards

Joe McNaughton

Christ Stitt

Ian Weiker

Ryan Miller

Jack Cammarata