Mount Jordan Junior High School 1954

The Mt. Jordan Memory Project is dedicated to preserving the history and ephemera relating to Mount Jordan Middle School which in the 2013-2014 school year is commencing its 60th year of service to the community of Sandy, Utah. Our school opened as a junior high school in the fall of 1954 surrounded by farm fields and cow pastures in the shadow of Mount Jordan Peak, for which it is named. The school and the city that surrounds it have changed incredibly during the past sixty years. We are now housed in temporary quarters for the next two years as a beautiful new building is constructed on the old Mt. Jordan site. While we will miss the old building, we are looking forward to continuing our service to the community for many more years in a state of the art facility. We hope that the many thousands of students and hundreds of faculty and staff who have passed through the happy halls of old Mt. Jordan will contribute their memories, documents and photos to this project, so that we may preserve the rich history of this grand old school as it strides proudly into the future. For information, please contact Michael L. Goodman at michael.goodman@canyonsdistrict.org or 801-826-7450 or visit the Mt. Jordan Middle School library.