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Mentor Program Items

Start-up Folder Contents
Intern/Mentor Program Description
Monthly Hours Calendar
            -  Sample Student Calendar
Mentor Quarterly Evaluation of Student
Intern/Mentor Field Trip Form 
Mentor Interest Form
Internship Paperwork for APL, Johns Hopkins Hospital, Howard County General and Kernan

First Quarter

  • Opening Week Power Point
    • Mentor Agenda for the first 2 weeks!
    • Signature Sheet
  • Assignments and Grades
    • Science Addendum
  • Bi-weekly Objectives and Journals
  • Weekly Reading Reports
  • Monthly Conferences
  • Portfolio Requirements
  • What will you do in IM this year?
    • 3 P's - Paper, Project, and Product
  • Beautiful Questions Article and Assignment
  • Workplace Expectations - Nina's Story PPT
    • Dress Code
    • Communication and Email Netiquette
  • Sexual Harassment and Safety PPT
  • Where to Begin PPT
    • Regulating the size of Research Questions handout
  • What is Scholarly Research? Handout
  • Google Drive Practice
  • Finding Sources handouts
    • Locating Resources
    • MLA vs. APA
    • Most Common Citations help page
    • Most Common Errors in Citations
  • Human Sources
  • Business Letter Format
    • Envelope
    • Locating Human Sources
  • September Seminar Power Point  
  • September Check-In Seminar PPT
  • Conducting an Interview
    • How to Transcribe an Interview
  • October Check-In Seminar PPT
  • Research Hypothesis Assignment
    • Hypothesis Rubric 
  • Annotated Source List Handout
    •  Annotated Source List Sample
    •  Annotated Source List Rubric
  • Portfolio Rubric (for your reference)

Third Quarter

  • January (February 2) Seminar PPT
  • Assignments and Grades  
  • Student Learning Conference Proposal Packet  
  • Synthesis Paper Materials
    • Power Point
    • Constructing the Synthesis Paper
    • Sample Synthesis Paper
    • Using to Submit the Synthesis Paper  
    • Synthesis Paper - First Draft - Rubric
    • Synthesis Paper - Grading Checklist/Advisor Signature Sheet
  • Data Collection
    • Due Dates and Data Collection Requirements
  • February (16) Seminar PPT
  • Data Analysis Rubric
  • Timeline of Product Development and Final Research Proposal Handout
    • Three Samples
    • Rubric
  • March 7 Seminar PPT
  • Oral Presentation Requirements PPT and Handout
    • Oral Presentation Template PPT
  • Portfolio Requirements and Weebly Site

Second Quarter

  • November Seminar PPT
  • Assignments and Grades  
  • Recommend 2 Students Link   
  • December County Presentation Packet
    • Presentation Schedule
  • Presentations Skills Packet
  • Marketing Presentation Handouts
    • Requirements, Checklist, "Script"
    • Reflection and Rubric
    • Teacher Evaluation
  • November 30th Seminar
  • Mini-Interview Assignment
  • Research Proposal Handouts
    •  Research Proposal Assignment and Format
    • Research Proposal Rubric
    • Sample Research Proposals
    • Product/Audience Suggestions
    • In-Text Citations handout
  • Research Design and Data Collection
  • December 21 Seminar
  • Thesis Handout
  • Pre-Outline Graphic Organizer handout
  • Outline Assignment
  • Supplemental Writing Materials:
    • High School Writing Manual and Style Guide
    • Creating an Outline in Microsoft Word
    • Sample Outline
  • How to create your Weebly site

Fourth Quarter

  • Assignments and Grades
  • April 6 Seminar PPT
  • Thank you Note
  • Final Synthesis Paper Handouts
    • Paper Format
    • What to add to your paper PPT
    • Abstract
    • Rubric
  • Display Board materials
    • Display Board PPT
    • Mock Board (PPT slide)
    • Requirements
    • Packet for creating display boards
    • Rubric
    • Peer Edit
  • Oral Presentation Teacher Approval Form  
  • Oral Presentation Teacher Evaluation Form  
  • Final Product 
    • Final Product PPT
    • Developing a Final Product Evaluation  
    • Solutions for Copyright Free Images
    • Final Product Evaluation Form - Mentor
    • Final Product Evaluation Form - Kiehl
  • Final Portfolio and Weebly Site