Maryland Junior Science and Humanities Symposium

posted Jan 12, 2016, 10:12 AM by Melissa Kiehl   [ updated Jan 12, 2016, 10:13 AM ]

The University of Maryland is pleased to announce that it will be hosting the Maryland Junior Science and Humanities Symposium.  For students in high school who are already conducting research in a STEM discipline, this is a wonderful way to present their work and to be recognized for their efforts.  This program will take place on Wednesday, March 30 at the University of Maryland.  The priority deadline to apply and submit all application materials (including the abstract and written paper) is Friday, January 22, 2016.  Subsequent applications will be accepted on a rolling basis through Friday, February 12, 2016. The A. James Clark School of Engineering at the University of Maryland is facilitating this event in partnership with the School of Public Health, the College of Computer, Mathematics, & Natural Sciences, and the College of Agriculture & Natural Resources.

For more information on Maryland JSHS, and for instructions on how to register, please visit (Links to an external site.)  For general questions on JSHS, you may also visit (Links to an external site.)  You may also email with any questions that you have.

Maryland JSHS is affiliated with the National JSHS Program which is sponsored by the Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Army (Acquisition, Logistics & Technology); Office of Naval Research, Arlington, VA; and Air Force Office of Scientific Research, Washington, DC, in cooperation with higher education. The National JSHS Program is administered by the Academy of Applied Science, a non-profit educational organization.  This sponsorship allows the Maryland JSHS to bring together student presenters and teachers to recognize and encourage STEM achievement.

 Again, please email with any questions or comments.