This website chronicles the Mount Hebron Middle School, Montclair NJ, Finch/Snap! Project.  The major outcome has been a model for creating an experience in Agile Design for middle school teachers and students in order to engage them in computer science in a practical, empowering and efficient way.  

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Special thanks to Tom Lauwers at BirdBrain Technologies for the loans and gifts.  And to Brian Harvey and Jen Moenig at Snap! for pointing us in a good direction.

We admit we didn't start out to demonstrate how Agile Design can be taught in middle school. It happened out of expediency given a problem to solve:  How to expose 600 student to authentic programming in an "hour of code."   This website does not provide a curriculum, although we encourage you to adapt, but not merely adopt our materials.  This is a chronicle of how without anyone noticing, you can infuse computer science into the experience of an entire school in a manner that ignites passionate commitment on the part of teachers and students, finds the means to extend that enthusiasm to the elementary level and to community outreach events, and jump starts a sustained enrichment program that is informally bridging the gap between middle school and high school computing experiences, not only within our school district, but beyond.

This website is a multi-media presentation, work in progress, of our experience.  The topics on the left follow our chronology loosely, with the exception of the Key Themes page, which, like any good executive summary was written most recently. 

We have experimented with forums, blogs, and closed wikis (via Google Sites.)  We invite you to join us by adapting our materials, joining our coding community, and inviting us to help you implement agile design at your school or in your community.  Please request to join our group.  Or email us at riversoundsol AT gmail.